Con Dao Travel
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We supply some tours like: snorkeling tour, turtles nesting tour, trekking tour, boat trip, scooter for rent...
Côn Sơn, Việt Nam
Con Dao Travel
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Carina B
13 đóng góp
1,0 trên 5 bong bóng
thg 5 năm 2024 • Bạn bè
My friend and I booked a tour for snorkelling, observing turtles laying eggs, and releasing baby turtles. The price was high, but we thought the experience would be worth it.
Unfortunately, the trip was cancelled by the owner on very short notice (15 min before planned departure!). Supposedly, no boats were allowed to leave the port due to military training. Refund was not possible, the owner claimed.
Instead, we agreed to do the tour the next day. The next unfortunate surprise: the snorkel equipment was either completely dirty and mouldy (snorkel) or even missing (one fin! - the guide then suggested me to use only one fin!).
When we arrived on the island, we heard that there was no prohibition of boats in the harbour, and other groups arrived the day before. So, Con Dao Travel manager had just lied to us about this.
Furthermore, we were told that no baby turtles hatched, so there would be no release.
However, another company, that we had contacted prior regarding turtle tours, messaged us that turtles had hatched and we could book the tour to release them now. We asked the ranger about this and he pretended to not understand. When we used a translater App, he suddenly walked away and ignored us.
When more tourists came, we were asked to leave the beach! The rangers were preparing the release of the baby turtles for the new group of tourists. We asked to talk to the manager and explained to him that we did book this and that we want to go to the beach to see this. After some discussion, they agreed.
Regarding the end of the trip: first we were promised to be back on the main island early because we had to catch our flight. However, a bit later, a completely different time was mentioned that was much too late. Another discussion started, which eventually led to success, but it was nerv wrecking.
We absolutely cannot recommend this company!
Đã viết vào 11 tháng 5, 2024
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Tiziana F
Tirana, Albania7 đóng góp
1,0 trên 5 bong bóng
thg 6 năm 2023 • Một mình
Very unprofessional and honest. I reserved a boat trip, 2 islands, release of baby turtles in the sea, total 4 hours sailing... just few hours before the trip they called me saying the programme was changed, no turtles, shorter tour but the price the same... when I tried to explain that they couldn't keep the same price for a reduced trip, the guy decided to cancel It totally.
Luckily although the short notice I was able to find the same trip As planned before with even a cheaper price with con son land.
Don't trust this company.
Đã viết vào 26 tháng 6, 2023
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Con Dao Travel (Côn Sơn, Việt Nam) - Đánh giá - Tripadvisor

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