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Discover ... Experience ... Learn ... With GOODTIMES OUTDOOR you can expect unforgettable canyoning tours in the most beautiful gorges in Europe. You will find our outdoor base at the entrance to the Ötztal, from where we will take you on tours around Ötz, Imst and Landeck. But for you we are also happy to organize multi-day trips to the best canyons in Switzerland, Italy and other regions of Austria.
Otztal, Áo

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  • Canyoning Guide, Raft Guide, Rope Access Technician, Ski / Snowboard Instructor
  • Canyoning and Raft Guide with over 20 years experience all over Europe
  • Tiếng Đức • Tiếng Anh
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5,0 trên 5 bong bóng
thg 6 năm 2021 • Gia đình
Went on this super nice Canyoning experience with my 13-year-old son and my partner and we had a fantastic time.

The equipment was pretty new, clean and very good quality (the water was around 6°C but we weren't cold at all). After a thorough briefing, we headed off to the spectacular Oetztal mountains, where we started the trip belaying off a bridge. What followed were 2 hours of pure bliss: due to Marc's special timing, we had the entire beautiful gorge to ourselves and could take our time to enjoy it to the fullest.

Marc was very attentive and professional, making us feel safe at all times. This was without doubt the best activity of our holiday and we'll be back for sure!
Đánh giá về: Canyoning for families in Imst - Rosengartenschlucht
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