Lotus Ancient Temple

Đánh giá Lotus Ancient Temple, Chenghai

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thg 8 năm 2013 • Bạn bè
Situated at the end of a slightly winding road in Lianhua Town, Chenghai district around Shatou, in Guangdong Province. In the entrance courtyard where our bus parked, there was a sign as follows " Built in Yuan Dynasty-1289 AD. Renovated several times with most recent renovation started in 1985". A (renovated) Bhudda statue can easily be spotted in the parking area. The temple itself is very minimalistic, as it's still under renovation. Close by there is a mountain resort with hot springs. Probably, it would be worth staying at the resort over night after visiting the temple and hiking up Lotus Mountain scenic area. However, few people in the area spoke standard Mandarin and knowing Guangdong hua would be helpful to a foreign tourist planning to visit alone.
Enclosed with this short review is the picture of the 'area map' and a 'description of the temple'. Visited as part of a Chinese Tour group in the spring of 2013.
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