F/A Taipei Nail & Eyelash Salon Renai 指甲沙龍
F/A Taipei Nail & Eyelash Salon Renai 指甲沙龍
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Taipei Multi Eyelash Nail Shop provides multiple beauty services, expressing the feminine qualities of women through different details. Anyone who comes to the store can enjoy dessert afternoon tea/premium French wine, combined with the comfortable and elegant environment and top-level enjoyment of professional services, and experience the aesthetics of life from the senses. Body Aromatherapy Slimming SPA|French Keratin Lash Lift|Eyelash Grafting|Hand and Foot Phototherapy Nails|Facial Care|Waxing We serve complimentary red wines and afternoon tea treats including cakes, cookies and coffee.
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信義區忠孝東路四段553巷22弄8-1號 一樓, Da'an, Đài Bắc 110 Đài Loan
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Lauren G
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5,0 trên 5 bong bóng
thg 3 năm 2023 • Một mình

I would like to start this review by saying that most of my Yelp reviews are 5 stars and I understand that-

But this is my 3rd time in Taiwan, I have been to spas all over the US, Europe, and Asia- and for the price, location, and customer service this one is by far my favorite!!

I initially chose this spa due to the varied offerings- facial, massage, nails, hair massage, weight loss treatments etc. Also it's proximity to Taipei 101! Only a short walk-

If you don't speak mandarin- call or have your hotel call and ask for the manager, Annie. The best way to reach them is actually through their LINE app account which I also posted here in my review.

Before going or once you are on the premises you can go over the treatment details, duration, price and get your experience planned out.

My nail concepts alone was a 10 minute process of choosing colors and designs- each technician here is highly skilled and passionate.

I was planning on just getting a manicure and ending up spending 6 hours at the spa, 2 meals, and bought a VIP package service!

The spa has many beverage amenity choices such as coffee, tea, and red wine.

I opted to bring my own breakfast take out from the amazing Numero Quatre cafe right across the street (delicious food and drinks! The eggs Benedict and chicken thighs are especially delicious)-

Since I stayed so long the ladies helped me order beef noodle soup from their favorite lunch spot and paid for it out of pocket! I reimbursed them personally.

The level of care and hospitality is one I have yet to find elsewhere! Love, love, love!
Đã viết vào 14 tháng 3, 2023
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F/A Taipei Nail & Eyelash Salon Renai 指甲沙龍 (Da'an, Đài Bắc) - Đánh giá - Tripadvisor

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