The Spa at Mottram Hall

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John Skelton
Macclesfield, UK28 đóng góp
thg 5 năm 2022
Just another outstanding day expereince at Mottram hall spa. This was our 3rd day expereince and the standard of the day exceed the even the high standard of the other 2. A massive thank you to beauty therapist Sue for an amzing body wrap coccon. Even though she's only been there a few months her manner and techinque was of someone who had been there years. Simply outstanding! This equally matched by Jenny who looked after us at lunchtime. The rest of the spa team were just as attentative and very professional. Thank you everyone!
Đã viết vào 19 tháng 5, 2022
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Birmingham, United Kingdom6 đóng góp
thg 4 năm 2022
I had an overnight stay at Mottram hall in April with a group booking for a friends hen celebrations.

Our group arrived for 10am to the spa which is the advertised time we were asked to arrive the area is beautiful and we were all happy to be in such a picturesque location. The staff at the main reception were really helpful in retaining our main overnight bags and we headed down to spa reception. There was a small queue so we probably checked in at around 1015 we were advised that they had ran out of towels and robes however if we waited 5 minutes we could enjoy a hot drink whilst they resolved the issue. So we all sat down to chat and as the group party was a combination of mixed friends from around the country we needed to meet each other.

Ten minutes later we still had no towels or robes the drinks were done and everyone was keen having a clear view of the spa area behind where we were sitting to get going, so it was chased again with the spa reception who said they still did not have any access to the robes. After numerous conversations with the spa reception who were neither friendly or apologetic we were finally given our tote bag with a towel and robe at 1150 ? This was nearly two hour of time we were prevented from access to the facilities. When we went to get changed we realised nobody had been provided with the footwear for the spa so I had to return to reception to query should we have some type of footwear being in the bag. The staff member appeared to attempt to act surprised that they were not in the bag however I believe it was her who had just arranged everyones bag and had failed to place them in their so she knew we were missing items . She handed me a bag of 15 flip flops again with no apology and then I had to waste more time dispersing these to our group who were various places across the spa by now. Two of the ladies were given robes which had holes across them however with having too wait so long to access the facilities they agreed just to deal with them.

By the time we had all accessed the spa we found we had no location to sit or place our belongings as most others had accessed the spa 2 hours prior and had taken up loungers with robes and towels. So we had to leave our items in piles to the side of the pool as your company had arranged our timetable and we had lunch arranged for us at 1pm so we only had a small window of less than 40 minutes before we needed to move . This did not give much time for anyone to truly enjoy the facilities as we had to clock watch to ensure that we were all ready for lunch.

At 1255 we headed up to lunch a table had been arranged however only for 14 of the group leaving one person standing, the staff member was apologetic however as the seats were already so squashed she was struggling to work out how to add the additional person into the setting . Empty tables at the side of us were refused to be added onto the end of our table as she said they had been booked which I can appreciate however the numbers for lunch were clear in our booking. It resulted in us having to come elbow to elbow and the staff member locate an extra chair from outside the area for our final lady to be seated. This took around 20 minutes to resolve. The service was slow and we were left awaiting a drinks order and food order till 135 with 3 of us having a treatment scheduled for 2.00 one of these being myself. When asked how long it would take to sort the lunch she said she didn’t know and when it was highlighted that 3 of the group had treatments booked in at 2 she said she could not do anything about that . We made our dissatisfaction clear and how the day had gone so far been a disaster and she went off to reschedule our treatments to allow us to have lunch .

The treatment as part of the package was good I did not take the name of the lady who completed it which is a shame. Following my treatment I went to the main hotel I met with Georgia who I did not know at the time was the duty manager for the day . She was really nice and had asked me about my day she was a little taken back when I had responded to her question of are you having a nice day with a no. However Georgia before stating her position asked a few questions around what was happening and why I was not enjoying it. She showed she was bothered and was attentive. She then said she was duty manager and apologised on behalf of Champneys for the mornings experience and that she would verify herself that dinner was ready later in The Carrington Grill and that she would arrange an apology.

Our room was nice and clean however the walk to it through the network of various hallways was scattered with empty plates , beer bottles and bits of food. This doesn’t give a great appearance or image of the hotel and given that this was around 530pm they appeared to of been left by the cleaning teams.

We were booked in the Carrington Grill for an evening meal we had a nice table set up and we all were provided with a set menu for dinner. I went to the toilets outside of the Grill and even though it was early there was no toilet roll available in any of the 3 cubicles which I found poor. However another guest came in holding about 4 and had obviously found the same issue and gone to sought some.

On return to the table Georgia had provided our group with some prosseco as an apology for the service which was a kind gesture. A young male member of staff came to take our order however did not appear to have any method of recording the order and this resulted in one of my friends making suggestion that he took one of the menus and do a tally list next to each item of what he needed to order at the kitchen. This was a little strange and I did laugh and say to my friend I didn’t realise she was training staff .

The service was slow and took over 2.5 hours for the whole meal, we were then presented with a bill in excess of £800 which appeared to have a substantial amount of food as the majority . Our understanding was that we had already paid £35 to the evening meal however neither I or anyone else had seen any reference on the set menu that any part of the menu was in excess of the £35 so I went again to query it . The staff member stated yes you have £35 towards it and went to dismiss me however I said yes however it was a set menu and asked him to explain what element was in excess so I could understand the bill. He then said ‘ oh you had a set menu’ well course he knew he had assisted in serving it so I was a little confused. He said he would ask someone to bring a new bill.

A new bill arrived in excess of £400 still with food on, we had no option with a set menu to of chosen any additional sides etc so I returned again requesting a bill only containing drinks so we could cover these charges.

I am really quite concerned at the behaviour of the staff in the Grill as from my perception were they in belief that being a hen party we would be so intoxicated that we would just pay the £800 bill without question? Again a second attempt at a bill that was inaccurate before the correct amount came which was around £240 which is a considerable difference. Guests should be able to enjoy food and drinks in your location in knowledge it is a safe environment however I consider this behaviour to be deceptive and that some of your other guests may be getting overcharged without their knowledge .

By this time I had enough of this day I was disappointed that I had spent so much money on an event that I had looked forward too for so long so went to bed to be woken a short time after by some females kicking off shouting in a nearby room.

We concluded our stay meeting for breakfast in which despite again being a pre booking no table had been arranged for us and we had to be spread out in the Carrington. This was after an attempt by one member of staff to dismiss our party to the golf club stating our breakfast was over there however it wasn’t when one set of the group had gone over following her information. The juice containers were empty there was little available on the sides and a queue had formed for the cooked buffett however nobody was able to access any food as you had no plates available for anyone.

I managed to speak to Georgia again who remembered me from the day before she was again really nice and apologetic . I told her of the additional issues we had experienced and how disappointed I was in the whole service from start to finish. She offered our group a return stay to Champneys at another time to show that our experience was an isolated incident this would have been valuable if we had opportunity to of taken this individually however it was on the condition the whole group came on the same date which would be difficult as it was a big enough challenge to arrange the original date. As an alternative she offered a 20% refund on our break . I returned to our group to discuss and as the return break had to be taken as a group it was said that the best offer was to take the 20% refund. We are all as already mentioned from various areas of the country and Mottram Hall was chosen by the bride to be as a kind of central location for people to travel to , I myself travelled 2.5 hours to get there.

Georgia was at least trying to make some recompenses to the weekend and the experiences we had . She made notes of my complaint and she was great in listening. I was tired from only having 5 hours sleep and wanted to leave to go home .

On reflection of the weekend I recontacted the hotel via email to register a formal complaint. I was in astonishment to how we were treated , having booked in excess of 6 months the spa were aware of the number of guests they were due to receive that day to wait two hours for the attire you ask guests to wear is unacceptable. It certainly would lead question under the 1982 Supply of Goods and Services Act which says that: "... any service must be supplied with a use of reasonable care and skill. From start to finish was a catalogue of issues I could of actually cried at one point and had I of been in my own car I think I would of there and then left in the afternoon as I was so fed up.

If you send your complaint to reservations it will be ignored , I located the email of the operations manager Ella Pearson . She did not appear to want to address the complaint in writing and wanted to speak on the phone. I now know why.

As far as the Operations manager Ella was concerned ' at least i didnt wait all day for towels and a robe' ?? What a poor attitude to take.

She did manage to explain the bill discrepancies in that it should of been explained more by the staff and that although there is a credit of £35 that this is not deducted usually till you check out . However this was certainly not explained by staff in the Carrington.

She was not very apologetic and showed little interest in the complaint. Even with 20% back from Mottram Hall we have all paid over the odds for this experience . It would of been nice to have a sincere apology and maybe an offer to recompense the new bride to be and give her and her new husband a opportunity to stay.

I made it clear that I would leave a review for Mottram Hall now I had concluded my complaint with them . Ella immediately jumped on a defensive that I was threatening her. It really is laughable and I did question why she was saying this? she clearly has not had much experience in customer service as this would not define a threat online reviews are a service for everyone to utilise celebrating good service and bad service. People then make their own choices . This is my experience of Mottram Hall.

It has taken 3.5 weeks to process a 20% refund .

Georgia - Great customer service and your talents are clearly wasted at a location which does not appreciate you.
Đã viết vào 16 tháng 5, 2022
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Camelia O
3 đóng góp
thg 5 năm 2022 • Một mình
I had a full body massage with Lisa and was fantastic. She was very friendly and professional in the same time and very knowledgeable. I really recommend her.
Đã viết vào 14 tháng 5, 2022
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Manchester, UK2 đóng góp
thg 5 năm 2022 • Một mình
Great experience! Nicola did my treatment; Champneys Body and Face Ritual, she truly was amazing. She asked questions like what I wanted to achieve from the session. It was calm, relaxing and everything I had hoped for and more. Nicola even wrote down the products that were used during the session too incase I wanted to buy them for myself.
Đã viết vào 13 tháng 5, 2022
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Alex G
2 đóng góp
Visited the spa recently to get my nails done by the amazing Leah. Such gorgeous surroundings, lovely zen vibe and such attention to detail when it came to my manicure. Leah did a brilliant job and really took her time making sure my nails were absolutely perfect. Lovely colour range of quality products. I will definitely be booking back in with Leah again soon! I'm now even more eager to book a spa day too!
Đã viết vào 12 tháng 5, 2022
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Leona J
1 đóng góp
thg 4 năm 2022 • Bạn bè
Having my massage done by sue at the spa,She made me very comfortable it being my first massage, I’ve been having problems with my back for months and after half an hour being with her, it was loads better, I would definitely come back just for the experience I’ve had with her! She was amazing she made my whole experience!
Đã viết vào 1 tháng 5, 2022
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Julia H
2 đóng góp
If you want a Spa day I would look elsewhere. 3 of us visited in March. On arrival we had to wait for robes which meant a delayed start, by the time we got robes there was only 1 free seat by the pool and only half an hour until lunch. Lunch took over 2 hours (very slow service) leaving only half an hour until our treatments. My therapist was then delayed over 20mins so I eventually cancelled the treatment, I was offered a free mini treatment whilst I waited for my friends, and asked to provide bank details for the refund of £83. Over 2 weeks later I still haven't been refunded. Sent several emails, no reply. Had to wait over 75mins to not even get through on the Spa number. Eventually got through to someone on the events team who said someone from the Spa would phone back. They didn't. Overall very poor customer service. The inconvenience of trying to get this dealt with totally outweighs any relaxation provided on the day. Mottram Hall - please improve!!
Đã viết vào 12 tháng 4, 2022
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Sheri D
Manchester, UK17 đóng góp
thg 3 năm 2022
On March 18th 2022 i experienced a 'head in the clouds' massage with Sue McG who is a beauty therapist based at Champneys Spa, Mottram St Andrew.
I recommend Sue highly. She was warm, friendly, professional and sensitive to my personal circumstances so this was not just a one size fits all massage appointment.
Sue recommended a few products post appointment and i purchased them to use at home.
I would not hesitate to request Sue again. Thank you.
Đã viết vào 6 tháng 4, 2022
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Sarah K
1 đóng góp
thg 3 năm 2022 • Bạn bè
We came for a two night spa break in March 22. On the day we arrived unfortunately my friend started with a migraine whilst by the pool, the staff were so helpful in getting her drinks and a dark room to lie in, they were all really concerned and kind. Special mention to Grace and heather in the spa cafe and Hannah in the treatment area, they definitely went above and beyond to help.

The rest of the trip was lovely, surroundings in the spa and food were great.

Rooms in the hotel were adequate. I would say the hotel rooms and getting between the spa and the hotel could do with a bit of attention but nothing that spoilt our experience.

We will be booking again to come later in the year
Đã viết vào 30 tháng 3, 2022
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Thornton Cleveleys, UK0 đóng góp
A lovely spa day and overnight stay with my wife. The spa was very good but a little too busy for our liking. The treatments we had were excellent. Our room in the hotel was very good as was dinner and breakfast. The whole experience was not cheap but we enjoyed ourselves and would give it 8/10 for value.
Đã viết vào 24 tháng 3, 2022
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