Thimble Peak Trail
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Central, Nam Carolina893 đóng góp
5,0 trên 5 bong bóng
thg 12 năm 2017 • Cặp đôi
The Thimble Peak trailhead is located at Red Pass along the one way Titus Canyon road in Death Valley NP. The elevation at Red Pass is 5,213 ft. and the peak is 6,381 ft. so the net elevation gain is only 1,168 ft. but there is a significant saddle that descends about 300 feet before you can begin the ascent to the summit, thus the total elevation gain is somewhere around 1,800 ft. Titus canyon road is a one way dirt and gravel road an is a right turn off of the Daylight Pass road (Nevada hwy 374), about 6 miles southwest of Beatty, NV, on the way to Death Valley. The road is very rough, curvy, narrow in places, and washboardy most of the 12 miles to Red Pass but is normally passable by two wheel drive vehicles with relatively high clearance. Since the road is one way you will need to leave time at the end of your hike to travel down the even narrower, rougher, and curvier 14 miles from Red Pass to the intersection with the paved Scotty's Castle road. Count on this portion of the drive lasting over one hour, longer if you stop to see any of the Leadville ghost town along the way. Even so it is one of the most scenic drives in the park and well worth the difficulties that may be encountered along the way.

We hiked this trail on Christmas day, 2017 and the weather was perfect. The trail itself is a pretty strenuous 2.5 mile one way hike with some very steep sections, particularly on the initial climb up to the ridge and on the final climb to the summit. The trail is not an officially maintained trail and there are no signs directing you but it is pretty obvious in most places. Thimble Peak itself is not visible from the trailhead at the pass but after about a mile or so following the side of the ridge it comes into view off to your right. From a distance you may wonder how you will make it to the summit but once across the saddle and you begin the climb up from the base you will find it very doable. There are a few places where you could slip and tumble down some pretty sheer drops into Titanothere Canyon but you should have no problems if you exercise reasonable caution. The 360 degree views from the summit are fantastic. Some of the viewpoint highlights include seeing Mount Palmer, Grapevine Peak, & Wahguyhe Peak to the north and west, and Corkscrew Peak & Tucki Mountain to the south. Views of Titanothere Canyon that the road followed up to Red Pass and of Titus Canyon that it follows down into Death Valley are also pretty impressive. The top of the snow caps of the Sierras are visible in the distance to the west. All in all, one of the best short summit hikes in the park.
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Thimble Peak Trail (Death Valley National Park, CA) - Đánh giá - Tripadvisor

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