Mingxiu Garden
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Essex182 đóng góp
thg 7 năm 2016 • Gia đình
A great tour taking in so much for the 670 Yuan price per person including all entrance fees, hotel and meals. Four hour journey from Lijian to Shangrila city where we stayed the night in a very good quality modern Chinese hotel. Price per double room in reception was 680 Yuan so the 670 Yuan cost for the trip was good! Pick up was at 7.50 am near our hotel. We had a stop off to view the Yangzte river. The way to the viewing platform was through a long, long maze of stalls selling souvenirs, smacks, etc. The guide provided each of us with a free oxygen cylinder and got us to take a few puffs early on and kept up an endless chatter so we wouldn't sleep so we didn't get altitude sickness. Stopped off so we could buy extra cannisters as we would be at 3200 metres for a long time and overnight. Then lunch which was OK - the Chinese were complaining it wasn't so good as not much meat.
Then onto the Potatso Park (see my review). Need good weather but we got soaked. But guide had provided us with long thick coats with hoods.
Then on to Shangri-la cjty and short walk in old town to visit a temple made up of three temple buildings and the worlds largest prayer drum. The main temple houses a large buddhist statue shoe horned into the building. The large prayer drum outside takes at least 6 people to spin. Then to a Tibetan traditional dinner with hotpot, teas, wine and entertainment with other coach parties (7.30 pm till 9pm). Then to hotel to relax. Advised not to have shower in order not to get altitude sickness, or at least just very short. The locals dont shower very often for this reason as the hot water makes the blood flow faster.
7.30am start after breakfast and visit to the Yunnan Institute of Buddhist Studies. Only open to organised tours and we were shown round by one of the students. Houses a huge 10m diameter altar with a large gold Buddha and priceless artifacts. We lit a candle and were shown how to pray to Buddha. Apparently the Panchen Lama (second after the Dalai Lama) visited in 2015 and we were shown the video. Long presentation on Dzi - patterned agate cylindrical stones with one to 20+ eyes which originate in Tibetan culture and can command high prices and are difficult to come by. Said to possess mysterious powers and bring good fortune to the wearer. Ancient and pure dZi beads of Tibet are extremely precious and rare. No matter how many or how few eyes they bear, all dZi beads are supposed to possess the mystic power of bringing luck, warding off evil, etc.stabilizing blood pressure. Owners and wearers of these beads are blessed with unexpected credit, luck and perfection. Explains why all the Chinese tourists on the coach were buying.
Also exhibits of Tibetan amber (fossilised pine resin) - very expensive and supposed to have healing properties and worn to counteract body smell due to lack of bathing.
Then a poor quality lunch at a wayside 'restaurant' where even the Chinese were complaining.
Then on to local Tibetan village of 20 houses where a housewife gave us a 90 minute presentation in her house on their way of life. Then whipped off a cloth from the table covering a range of silver jewellery and other items. Quite good prices and many bought. She also gave her mobile number and invited us for their New Year celebrations. Although a basic Tibetan village house she was quite high tech with her mobile and credit card reader - he he. Before leaving, village women were selling small cups of soya milk at 5 Yuan and pancakes at 5 Yuan - quite expensive for where we were but they have quite rightly become business people since opening their village 2 years ago.
Then onto see the Leaping Tiger Gorge on the Yangzte river (see my review) and then back to Lijiang arriving around 8.30 - a long day!

Đã viết vào 29 tháng 7, 2016
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