Elite Indoor Paintball Fife Limited

Đánh giá Elite Indoor Paintball Fife Limited, Kirkcaldy

Elite Indoor Paintball Fife Limited
13:30 - 21:30
Thứ Tư
13:30 - 21:30
Thứ Năm
13:30 - 21:30
Thứ Sáu
10:30 - 14:30
17:30 - 21:30
Thứ Bảy
10:30 - 14:30
17:30 - 21:30
Chủ Nhật
10:30 - 14:30
17:30 - 21:30
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kim c
levenmouth127 đóng góp
thg 9 năm 2015 • Gia đình
We went to Elite with ages ranges 15 to 60 and all fitted in well ,.
Couple that run it Liam and Lisa run a right family business ,fun orientated but with safety in mind

We went in paid at office gave different packages to suit pockets .

we geared up everyone was given a boiler suit to protect clothes all sizes (can wear own i was told paintball washes out but dont wear sunday best ) ladies get a chest protector ,a helmet and gun with 200 balls which are in orange pods Then you go and get a safety brief which made it feel like you were going into combat !!

We were put into teams and given directives like get the flag of your opponents , sounds easy believe me it wasn't . It was great to see all the different age groups play together we find with kids pc gaming we never see them .

However the kids tell us the games we played were like online games so they were all chuffed. Good thing is they have the big building then outdoor area in pics and also enclosed garages so in winter we can still enjoy activity with all the family.

There was tyres everywhere ,van car and fire engine so plenty places to hide also bunker things they had made for folk to take cover (sorry folks no doubt you will have a sporty name ive forgotten )

They took breaks to allow you to get a drink go to the toilet etc , they did have some tuck shop items like pot noodles cans juice bottled water and Mars ,no hot foods but running about to be fair we weren't fussed

Lenght of time you can be there depends on how fast you fire all your paint balls to be honest if you dont spray then you get longer we were there about 2 hrs but we did buy extra balls ,we felt was worth it how many places do your kids still want to play with you ?

we all enjoyed our day have to say us oldies were puffing a bit but the kids loved it and wanted to play on and on and on !!
when you come away from a good attraction we were all happy ,tired and want to go back .Cant ask for more than that

The twins have there 16th birthday soon and we are told they can do great packages ,whilst we were there a school had some of there kids there so made an interesting game, loads people. They told us they do stag packages ,hen , birthdays ,work days etc so shows this appeals to all walks of life highly recommend
Đã viết vào 30 tháng 9, 2015
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