Il Palazzo Comunale (numana)
Il Palazzo Comunale (numana)
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The 300 year old Town Hall overlooks the main square of Numana and is the most historically significant building in the piazza. Surrounding it, are a modern church and a handful of restaurants and gelato shops.
It is useful to know that you can pick up free maps and tourist brochures here. They were in a stand just by the front door on the right hand side.
Built in 1773 as a Bishops’ Palace, it’s had its fair share of ups and downs over the centuries.
In its heyday, it was the summer residence for the Bishops of Ancona.
Later, after the Kingdom of Italy was established, the State acquired the Palace and it was converted to government offices and the municipal seat until 1928.
It’s hard to imagine now but from 1929 on, the palazzo was a transformed into a working factory. Frontalini accordions were made here. At first the fledgling accordion business operated from just one rented room on the palazzo’s ground floor. Other artisans rented rooms beside them but their accordions became so popular that by 1935, they had taken over the whole building and the name ‘Frontalini’ was emblazoned across the front. Some of the original accordions are still preserved inside the palace.
The building you see here today has been converted pretty back to its original form. It was completely renovated in 1966 and today, functions as the municipal headquarters again.
On your right is an information board with a potted history of the building (in Italian only) and on the right is a small memorial with an anchor.
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