St John's the Evangelist Church
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Knaresborough, UK4.629 đóng góp
thg 12 năm 2017 • Cặp đôi
Nenthead Church is apparently the highest Parish Curch in England, and I can certainly believe it. There is no doubt that weather changes your perception of things, and in rainy conditions, with a gale howling over the Moor, the climb up the church path with the overgrown graveyard to the side, made this feel bleak indeed.

It came as no surprise perhaps that the interior of this little church seemed to mirror the harshness of the countryside. Plain walls with no embellishments and windows with nowt but a few fragments of stained glass that almost felt like an apologetic afterthought.

You could almost view the plainness with critical eye, but instead I see it as an appropriate place of worship for the plain and hardy folk who have worshipped here for generations, and who would likely have felt out of place in grander surroundings.

There was no literature to explain the church, and in view of my previous observations, such notes would be largely superfluous. I did have a chuckle at a note on the notice board however re the contact details for the Vicar. In addition to providing the expected relevant telephone numbers, it added "or in the Miners Arms most Fridays,4 - 5 pm".
Seems like my sort of Vicar!

From a practical perspective if you choose to visit this simple little church, there is a car park at the end of the lane. And do take time to glance at the houses next to the car park, where there is a most impressive collection of model houses etc.
Đã viết vào 5 tháng 12, 2017
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