Malmsbury Reservoir/ Weir

Đánh giá Malmsbury Reservoir/ Weir

Malmsbury Reservoir/ Weir
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Bendigo, Úc31.195 đóng góp
thg 6 năm 2021
This was suggested to me by the staff at the Stables... she said to just follow the road that turns off to the Railway Station and I will find myself there... she indicated there are some amazing views from here. And the young lady was correct.

Initially when you step out of your car, you focus on the engineering that is before you. I chatted briefly to a young chap near the gate who was holding back his two large dogs so they didn't greet me effusively. From here... I walked across the spillway and up the embankment to see what was there. The water was quite low for a reservoir, but the view up there shows the sweeping countryside before you... and that is a wonderful thing.

There were locals walking their dogs around the pathways in the area... so it appears to have some amazing opportunities for people who like to walk.

Constructed in 1865 the reservoir is now a domestic water supply, but there is more here than water supply. Right next to where you park your car, there are beautiful lawn areas and a BBQ so you can enjoy time here.
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55 đóng góp
Great to look at impressive water structure
thg 7 năm 2020 • Gia đình
You can’t get really close but interesting to get a look at water structures all the work behind them, while the water is so low, the reservoir has water and is good for fishing apparently nice little park there too
Đã viết vào 11 tháng 7, 2020
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