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Valrico, United States8 đóng góp
thg 6 năm 2022 • Cặp đôi
An amazing experience. The history, the stories, the extremely creative and professional documentaries, the artifacts, and I can go on and on. We spent 6 hours and can’t say we saw everything.
Đã viết vào 22 tháng 6, 2022
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Sherri M
Plainville, MA151 đóng góp
thg 6 năm 2022
This will become a very pragmatic review more about what to expect and how to navigate the place. But I'll start by saying we made a trip to DC just to see the Shroud of Turin exhibit, and we were beyond disappointed with that exhibit, and pretty disappointed with the whole museum as well. If you want to know more about the Shroud exhibit, it will be at the very end.

First you have to go through security: bag scan and walking through a metal detector. The bag scanner is really weird; they load a bunch of people's stuff into a cubicle and close it, and then you collect your stuff out of the cubicle on the other side once it turns green (make sure the cubicle is empty before closing the door, or it messes everything up). If you buy your tickets online, there are no signs to tell you that you can head all the way down the hall past all the ticket counters to get scanned and checked in. They will take your group's picture as you enter; on your way out, they will offer you four prints (same photo, different backgrounds) for $30; you can't buy just one.

The virtual reality tour of the Holy Land is just past the entrance. We did this, and we were both underwhelmed. First, I didn't realize you should do it with your glasses on, so everything was blurry for me; my husband kept his glasses on and could see things much better. If you are trying to understand how this works, imagine that you are on a conveyor belt moving through 30 different rooms; you don't get to set the pace of how you transit each room, but you can look around while you are in it. In about half the scenes, you appear to be stationary, but you can look around completely around in every direction (watch out if you look down - it is *very* disorienting, because you appear to be floating). In the other half, you are moving in a straight line through a real space, but you can't look behind you at all. Many of the scenes are landscapes, where you are just standing on a mountain or on a seashore. A lot of the scenes are "The Traditional Site of ...." We would not do this again, and we would *not* recommend it to anyone.

I personally thought the best exhibits were on the 2nd floor. This space is all about how the Bible has impacted humanity. There is one section that shows how people used the Bible in various historical contexts (e.g., examples of both sides of the Civil War appealing to the Bible to justify their position), and another that has a few bits on how scientists like Galileo took inspiration from the Bible. Another section highlights where the Bible (or quotes from the Bible) have had a prominent place in literature and movies (e.g., the original Ghostbusters). Another section has tons of idiomatic expressions derived from the Bible. Another part has bits about social movements that have been motivated by the Bible (Habitat for Humanity, charity hospitals) or that center around the Bible (translation work, prison ministries). There's even a bit on fashion inspired by Biblical ideas and pop icons who have borrowed Biblical imagery (although a lot of the examples are disturbing because of how the image or idea is being demeaned by the use). There is also a section where you can leave a recording of your own connection with the Bible, or write or construct something virtually that will be displayed on a virtual wall (kind of like moving graffiti). In my opinion, this was by far the most interesting and thought-provoking part fo the museum.

Floor 3 has three separate sections, with three separate audiovisual experiences. The OT experience is a mix of audiovisual presentations that you watch and rooms that you walk through meant to help you feel like you are part of the story (e.g., you walk between representations of walls of water to connect with the parting of the Red Sea). The whole thing was 20 - 30 minutes. The second section of the floor is a live-action movie that you watch that is about John the Baptist and Herod; it is pretty well-done. After you watch that, you enter into a recreation of a village like Jesus might have grown up in; it seems like it is supposed to have living history interpreters in it, but there were none while we were there, and without them, it is pretty underwhelming. The last section is an animated movie about the apostles; it was pretty well done, and was maybe 15 minutes long. In sum, save this floor for when your feet need a break (but you will be standing for some of the OT section).

Floor 4 is all about the Bible. The first half of the room is kind of pre-canon stuff; lots of things about bits and fragments and translation, and most everything is a copy or picture of the real thing. Then it is cases and cases and cases of Bibles and parts of Bibles. It is really hard to move through it chronologically because there are things on the walls and things in the middle. They could have done so much more to talk about why legitimate gospel-centered Christian scholars have undertaken newer translations (e.g., what new discoveries of older manuscripts have revealed); instead there is a ton on the development of the KJV, and then, almost as a parenthetical, a brief mention of all the translations since then. I normally like to read everything in a museum, but there was way too much info that was of very little consequence, and there was very little attempt to draw it all together in a connected story.

Floor 5 was the Shroud exhibit and an exhibit on archeological discoveries. You have to work hard to find the archeological exhibit, since it is through a couple sets of forbidding-looking doors. This exhibit was like the 4th floor exhibits in that there seemed to be case after case of similar things, and very little context or bigger picture.

The Shroud exhibit, however, was a whole other level of disappointing. There is SO much more they could have done with that, so much credible info that they didn't even mention. The exhibit is basically in two parts; the first half is about the Shroud itself and a few techniques that have been used to study it, and the back half is about the journey that the Shroud presumably took to get from Jerusalem to Turin. The second half of the exhibit was totally lame; just stories and pictures that have very little to do with the Shroud itself. The first half of the exhibit has the full replica up on the wall, and the front view (only) as a 3-D object that has sensors you can activate at certain places to hear a recording. Many of the recordings are Bible verses, not information about the Shroud. They could have easily had labels highlighting all the different wounds that are consistent with the Biblical account, and they could have explained why the blood was visible or why the wounds on the back are consistent with Roman flogging at the time. But they did none of this. Anywhere in the exhibit. At all. And there was no discussion of the 3-D information encoded in the coloration. Even worse, in the area on techniques, they could have gone through all the mounds of tests and how they have disproved all the various possible human sources of the image, but instead they highlight only that a single researcher decided that it was paint. (Spoiler alert: there are a pile of clear, scientific reasons based on testing of the Shroud that prove it could not possibly be anything like paint.) And then in the dating section, they just say it carbon dated to the 1400s, leaving the idea that it can't be the real Shroud. Spoiler alert : Not only is there a good explanation for why the dating came out wrong (and support for that hypothesis in how the dates from the four different sections vary), but there is also another line of reasoning based on how Jesus was represented in art that suggests that the image on the Shroud was well-known long before the 1400s. It is almost as if the curators' goal was to leave you with the idea that the Shroud of Turin had no connection to Jesus, and that it was a hoax. And yet the full body of tests and rationale is incredibly compelling both with regard to it's authenticity, and even with regard to how it's existence could be seen as evidence for spectacular uniqueness of Jesus' resurrection (and this coming from two people who have PhDs in engineering from Caltech). If you want to learn more about both the wounds and the scientific studies, check out the "Shroud of Turin" video by Jesse Simpson on Vimeo.
Đã viết vào 14 tháng 6, 2022
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Tamara C
Hendersonville, Bắc Carolina78 đóng góp
thg 6 năm 2022
wonderful place to send 3-4 hrs/ delightful exhibits/learned alot/extra clean/easy to maneuver around in/easy to read the maps/the flight simular through the holy lands was outstanding/wheelchair friendly/highly recommend this delightful museum.
Đã viết vào 13 tháng 6, 2022
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Spring Branch, TX298 đóng góp
thg 6 năm 2022
Went with my son June 2, 2022. We wanted to visit, but we just went to the gift shop. Ticket prices were a bit high for me.

But we did go to the gift shop and did find some nice gifts.

Not sure if the workers are overwhelmed, but the security going in were not too friendly.
Đã viết vào 13 tháng 6, 2022
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Cindy H
Annapolis, MD138 đóng góp
First of all, this museum is in a huge and beautiful building! Worth it just to go see that. I was worried this museum would be dull and preachy, but it was neither. For me the museum started out slow on the second floor but I quickly discovered lots of interesting things as I went up. I would suggest watching the Drive Thru History videos throughout museum, entertaining and lots of interesting information. The interactive Old testament experience was worthwhile. Go to the top floor for a beautiful view of DC. Also a beautiful rooftop garden and restaurant that looked like it had good food although I didn't eat there.
Đã viết vào 5 tháng 6, 2022
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Tracy R
Franktown, CO43 đóng góp
thg 10 năm 2021
Very much unexpected enjoyment in this out of the way museum There was interactive and displays you felt like you were "in" as part of it. Would recommend, I am not overly religious and greatly enjoyed it.
Đã viết vào 28 tháng 5, 2022
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Boca Raton, FL37 đóng góp
thg 5 năm 2022
The Bible museum was informative and interesting. I would highly recommend to all to visit. I do feel however that it missed the mark in a few areas. I recommend a section devoted to the birth and life of Jesus specifically and feel this was not given the attention deserved. There currently is a Shroud of Turin exposition, I thought was the actual shroud. I have seen this in Torino, Italy and wanted my daughter to see. There is a replica which is fine and she enjoyed learning about this. My daughter and I also paid additional for the Holy land experience with Virtual reality glasses. I would recommend this as was interesting, however we feel this could be a bit more dynamic and not showing the men cutting the grass and weed whacking and golf carts in the background was distracting. I was confused about the scene showing the manger and other areas which were located what appears to be a church. I asked about this and the staff had no answers if these were actual and factual places or not. I wanted more accurate information. All in all I would suggest a visit to anyone and am very happy there is a Bible museum in DC.
Đã viết vào 26 tháng 5, 2022
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Chatham, IL313 đóng góp
What an amazing place! A lot of Christian movies, activities, etc, are cheesy. This is definitely done very well. Took 5 hours. I would go back for sure. Start on third floor. We also purchased tickets for virtual reality of holy land. Not sure I would do it again. Ate at Manna Restaurant and the food was very good. Did not like the tip automatically on bill when you pick up food at counter.
Đã viết vào 22 tháng 5, 2022
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Sycamore, IL156 đóng góp
thg 5 năm 2022
It is well worth spending time here. Due to my schedule, I only had about 3 hours and felt like I could have spent the day and not seen it all. There is a virtual reality activity that I also did. Personally, I don't think the virtual reality activity was that interesting to me and I could have easily skipped it and spent more time in the museum. You can book your ticket online and get a discount of $5. There are 5 levels to the museum. I would recommend doing level 3 which is about the bible itself and has an old testament activity and a new testament experience. Then, I would do levels 4 about translations and then 2 about the Bible in the US next. If you have time left, you can then do levels 1 and/or 5. I did also enjoy the Drive through History footage used as that is a show I have always enjoyed watching.
Đã viết vào 13 tháng 5, 2022
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Oliver T
Atlanta, GA819 đóng góp
thg 4 năm 2022
Our family went on a Saturday morning at 10:30. There was no line to get in. Security at the entrance was ironically more strict than any other buildings we had visited, including the National Archives. They had this high tech scanner for our bags and it took several minutes for it to scan our bags. I also had a coffee mug and the guard asked me to take a sip out of it to make sure it did not contain any explosives.

When we entered, there was a sale section on the right hand side. I found a tie for 90% off.

We decided to start at the top of the museum and then go down, so we went to the 6th floor. The balcony has a nice view at the top and can see the Capitol and Washington monument. The million name wall has names of donors in micro-etch.

The 5th floor was the Shroud of Turin exhibit. Though it's a replica, it'd doubtful you can visually tell the difference.

The 4th floor is the history of the Bible and there's a lot to see here. If you want to ask someone questions, there is an interactive screen next to the Qumran scrolls exhibit.

We skipped the 3rd floor hoping we could come back to it later.

At the 2nd floor, we paid to see the Washington Revelations where you can have a simulation of flying across DC to see Biblical references in the city. The kids enjoyed this one and the child in front of us wanted to do it again.

On the 1st floor, we paid to see the VR experience, though not really sure it was worth it. The children's experience room is good for little kids, though they didn't have any balls out because of covid.

We had decided to eat in the building and went to the Manna restaurant on the 6th floor and ate outside in the Biblical garden area. Recommend the falafel and kale date bowl. Both were tasty. The hamburger and chicken tenders tasted average.

We had originally planned on spending 3 hours at the museum and ended up spending 6 hours there and didn't even see the 3rd floor.

Overall, it's a museum worth visiting and wished we had more time that we could spend there.
Đã viết vào 1 tháng 5, 2022
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