Green Boat Tour Company
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CALL TO BOOK! Address is office only. … We are a family owned and operated airboat tour company based in SW, Florida. We offer family-friendly airboat tours on the Peace River, ranging in duration & offering opportunities to spend time along the riverbank with friends and family! Call us to see how we can make your airboat ride a special experience for you!
Arcadia, Hoa Kỳ
Green Boat Tour Company
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thg 4 năm 2021
This was my 17-year old daughter and my favorite adventure in Florida! The airboat tour was amazing. We saw alligators of course, but then also some birds and amazing scenery. The boat ride itself is fun and we felt perfectly safe with our guide, who took extensive course training to drive the boat. We stopped for a quick photo op, and slowed down whenever there was something really cool to see. Our guide was very knowledgeable and seemed to really enjoy his job. When we finished our tour we went back to the office and they let us hold a baby alligator and take photos. What a day!!
Đánh giá về: Airboat Tour (1-hour)
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Green Boat Tour Company (Arcadia, FL) - Đánh giá - Tripadvisor

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