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We have the best consulting team who specialized in Maldives. what ever budgets you have, when ever you like to travel to Maldives tell us your dream and we will craft it for you. We care most about customers' happiness and that what make us who we are today.
Bangkok, Thái Lan
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Thành phố New York, NY12 đóng góp
thg 3 năm 2019
Like most people, I saw photos of the Maldives before knowing where they were located. I remember saying to myself-- "Those are some beautiful-looking beaches." And the bungalows above the water look better than the ones I saw in Bora Bora, so I decided that I had to go visit there someday.
But what finally gave me the extra push to go was the fact that a nonstop flight to Male, the capital city, is only 4-1/2 hours from Bangkok which I visit often because it's where I can find some of the best food in the world, while staying at luxury resorts there for half the price of what I pay in other cities around the world.
I happened to meet the manager of "Maldives Experts" while on a trip to Iceland last year--on a Games of Thrones tour :-) It turns out that she is a big fan of the series and speaks excellent English. She told me that the ocean around the Maldives is one of the cleanest in the world, and that Manta Rays are very numerous in its waters. I took note of her company's email and when I got back to NYC I further researched the Maldives by reading on-line articles and watching YouTube videos and booked a flight to BKK with EVA air (a 5 star airline).
I had decided that my first trip to Maldives would be with a travel agent so that I didn't have to plan a thing. I wrote to MALDIVES EXPERTS, (not to be mistaken with a competitor named The Maldives Expert) and I told them I wanted to stay at the resort with the best selection of fruits-- as I wanted to eat fruit only for breakfast. I fully trusted the agent's suggestions because she told me that she visits the Maldives for 3 weeks every year to experience each resort in order to give honest suggestions to her customers... After all, if the travelers do not have a happy stay on the islands, there will not be repeat-business for the travel agency.
I read that he best months to visit Maldives are December-to-April because there is a higher chance for rainy days during May to November. I was there for a week in March of 2019 and I had a great time. I didn't get a chance to swim with the Manta Rays during my visit but I did eat more than my share of exotic fruits and FRESH seafood. That's because I wanted to stay away from pasta, bread, rice, and meats in order to feel light and be more active during my stay.
I am writing this review because I will go again this October. And want to share my good experience with others who dream to visit the islands but hesitate for some reason or another. It's a great bonus trip if you are traveling to Thailand.
Check the airfare yourself, I'm sure that you will find that flying to Maldives from Bangkok is cheaper than from Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, or Sri Lanka.

Đã viết vào 21 tháng 8, 2019
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