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thg 5 năm 2015 • Cặp đôi
We visited the Cong Dam Floating Fishing Village as one of several activities we did each day on board the Indochina Junk Princess during our 4 day (3 night) trip. The beauty of mountains and sea are magnificent -- Cong Dam is an old, small village, which has retained its traditional fishing culture with a population of about 120 people.

It was very interesting to be rowed around the village and see the houses and fishing boats and to get out of the boat and visit the small museum and school they have. It is fascinating to see how very differently some people live and work and how they have adapted to their environment.

The village is pretty far from the mainland and so the Cong Dam area is pretty isolated from the normal tourist routes.

While we were there we also visited the Pearl Farm that is there. It was fascinating to see how they implant the oysters and "farm" and harvest the pearls. The floating jewelry store we visited would challenge many a store on Fifth Avenue in NYC!
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