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Hà Nội, Việt Nam59 đóng góp
2,0 trên 5 bong bóng
thg 4 năm 2019 • Cặp đôi
Attended an opening night gallery which included a couple of my favorite local artists. My partner and I were impressed with a number of the works and purchased two canvases. We were excited to support our friends and provide some benefit to the gallery that provided the show. After the show we came back and paid in full for the artwork (~2000 usd) for two relatively small pieces.
While the receipt was being written up, they informed me that the pricing did not include the transport/delivery of the works to my flat. My flat which is 1.6 km from the venue and is less than a 38,000 VND "Grab" ride. I asked if that was a joke. . . and they assured me that it was not. That the full price payment - in cash - of ~2000 usd did not include the transportation and we could return in two weeks to pick up the works or pay for transportation at that time.
In the scope of things - no problem paying the extra 1.60 usd. However, the staff attitude and resolution was about the most bizarre case of "penny-wise and pound foolish" acts I have witnessed in Viet Nam. After living here for eight years, I would venture to say that this group of people are the most "buzz-kill" crowd that I have met.
An awesome group of artiststs that I was happy to support - but with the large percentage taken by the gallery. . . we will not support the gallery ever again.
Đã viết vào 3 tháng 4, 2019
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