Cty Cổ Phần Việt Asian Nha Trang
Cty Cổ Phần Việt Asian Nha Trang
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Nha Trang, Việt Nam

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Cty Cổ Phần Việt Asian Nha Trang
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thg 5 năm 2019 • Cặp đôi
We took many tours in our three weeks in Vietnam and all were ok, most of them great. We booked all tours via hotels we stayed in, also this tour was recommended to us by our hotel. We decied to go on a sea walking tour for 1 250 000 dongs per person and (luckily) paid for it at our hotel a day before. At the beginning the guide was a few minutes late which is quite common in Vietnam. We went on a mini van and then the problems have begun. We wanted to go on a small group tour (hotel promissed max.10 people in the van, group) but the guide crowded 14 people on a van already and as we were still going to pick up another couple, where he would put them I have no idea as there were no more seats. We were already running late for 25minutes and we decided to get off the van so people standing could sit in our spot and to just cancel the whole tour. I will point out the guide lied to us - when we left one hotel he said we were now finally going to the harbour but it turned out to be just to another hotel. With already fully cramped van, he just forced more and more people on. Also the AC wasnt working so there was impossible to breathe with so many people in such a small van. After we arrived to another hotel we went off while waiting for another couple while 2 people were already standing in a van. We told the guide ee want to cancel the tour and asked our money back and the tour guide became very rude and screamed at us to get back on, we refused and left with our voucher from the hotel and just walked back to our hotel. Then we had to get upset again in the hotel to finally get our money back, I believe if we booked directly via company we would never see our money back since they dont really care for the comfort of their guests but only for the profit.
Đã viết vào 7 tháng 5, 2019
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Kidon Jr Lee
Seoul, Hàn Quốc69 đóng góp
4,0 trên 5 bong bóng
thg 7 năm 2018 • Một mình
So far only 3 reviews including mine and the other two didn't quite get the experience they expected. Please keep in mind that everyone undergoes different experiences depending on many factors. I can say with joy that I had a great time! 😁 The first island we went to wasn't that good at all but the other two islands were much better. Yes, I'll admit that the islands were overrun by Chinese and Vietnamese tourists... but I'm the type of person who tries to squeeze out the good from the bad. I was able to find places that weren't crowded and it was very peaceful and relaxing. I went scuba diving as well and it was beautiful! A lot of live coral and lots and lots of fish! 👍🏽 Unfortunately I can't post my diving pics just yet bcoz they were uploaded to a CD and I don't have a computer to look at them right now. Anyhow, I had a wonderful experience and all the staff and our tour guide were friendly and helpful.
Đã viết vào 6 tháng 7, 2018
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Miami, FL2 đóng góp
1,0 trên 5 bong bóng
thg 3 năm 2017
This was by far the worst tour we have been on in Southeast Asia. If you're looking to snorkel this is 0% what you're looking for. You arrive at Bamboo Island along with a giant crowd of chinese tourists that you have to maneuver through to get into the water. We were expecting to be taken to Hon Mun, as the website stated, but did not go because of some mysterious "weather problem". They took us there for 30 minutes after we insisted and then brought us back to Bamboo Isl for the remaining time for more "snorkeling". You would think the area that is roped off would be exclusively designated for divers and snorkelers but we saw several boats enter the zone which is extremely unsafe. one of the paddle boats hit me on the head with his paddle!! the tour company did nothing about it and did not refund any money. The guides themselves are nice enough but the content of this tour is absolutely nothing to write home about. We should have booked a snorkel tour with a diving company as we read but decided to give this a shot and sorely regret that decision. SKIP THIS TOUR!!
Đã viết vào 20 tháng 3, 2017
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Blue Mountains, Úc38 đóng góp
1,0 trên 5 bong bóng
thg 1 năm 2017 • Gia đình
We asked our hotel for advice on snorkelling and this is what they recommended!
We were picked up by bus and then taken to a port . The short boat ride over to where the snorkelling and diving was was fun but it ends there !
The island was full of mostly Chinese and Vietnameses tourist and I mean full ! Hundreds of people crammed into a small section of the island earring or sitting on day beds while 50 of us queued for a half An hour in the water !
The company has a sectioned off part of the sea maybe 20 metres by 20 metres where the ' divers and snokerlers ' could swim.
It was absolutely terrible !
The snorkelling gear didn't fit and kept filling with water , it was so bad at one point my family just laughed hysterically .
There was nothing to see under the water except some rubbish !
This was the worst ever !
After being in the water 15 minutes we got out . We then had to sit on the island and wait for the others and the boat .
2 hours sitting on a cramped thin stretch of beach with hundreds of others ,
Please do not be suckered , this is rubbish !
Đã viết vào 24 tháng 1, 2017
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Cty Cổ Phần Việt Asian Nha Trang (Việt Nam) - Đánh giá - Tripadvisor

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