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Hồng Kông, Trung Quốc172.875 đóng góp
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thg 11 năm 2021
One of the animal enclosures you will see at the Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Garden is the small Meerkat House located in the northern end of the Zoological side of the park north of Albany Road. There is a small building with a short walk through and glassed in enclosures on both sides. Meerkats occupy both spaces, burrowing tunnels under the ground which probably connect from one side to the other.

Like all animals, it can be a hit or miss when visiting. They are active at times and out messing around. At other times they can be in the burrows sleeping. I passed by recently and found one meerkat sleeping in a sitting position on one side and another digging on the other. He sat and posed for a moment before getting on with his digging.

Fun to see if you want to enjoy the animals at the Zoological park. It is a short walk down the hill from the large cluster of mammal enclosures and can be conveniently passed by in just a few minutes time.
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Vương quốc Anh10.624 đóng góp
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thg 11 năm 2020
The Meerkat House is a small enclosure, located within the Hong Kong Botanical and Zoological Gardens. It can be easily overlooked because it’s only tiny and is tucked away on its own in a corner of the large grounds. The aviary and zoo are of course the main attractions here but it is worth seeking out the Meerkat House because they are such intriguing creatures. Standing upright and stock still on their hind legs like little sentries, they are very entertaining to watch and are strangely compelling. Instinctively, they keep watch for predators like eagles and hawks. Despite an obvious lack of any predators at all in the Meerkat House, they still stand guard poised, on high alert, ready to dart for their burrow as soon as a threat looms.
The ‘house’ itself is not very homey looking. It is a bit spartan and grim but that’s probably to be expected as their natural habitats are the dry, open plains of Angola, Botswana and South Africa.
Overall, the Gardens are a particularly good place to go if you need some time out from the busy city centre or if you have kids who need to stretch their legs and the Meerkat House is a fun spot for a quick stop.
Entry is free.
GETTING THERE: From Central MTR, take D2 exit. It’s s 10-12 min steep walk uphill through Lan Kwai Fung. A taxi will cost about $30HKD.
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