Bali Madira
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Hello! I am Imade and have a lifetime of experience in Bali. I am an artist and have also been a professional in driver and guide in Bali for twenty years. Many guests ask to see " the real Bali." So I decided to make alternative trips where you connect and support local people, like me, and see authentic culture and nature of Bali. The trips i offer cover nature, healing and art.
Ubud, Indonesia
Bali Madira
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Jackie G
10 đóng góp
thg 6 năm 2019 • Cặp đôi
We came across this excursion whilst staying in Ubud and have to say it was an absolute highlight.
Dira is a wonderful host and very passionate about retaining and encouraging village culture and helping to preserve the environment surrounding the village. He is very involved in encouraging the children of the village to learn dance (Barong) from an early age.

Our tour started with assisting Dira with an offering and then onto a steep climb to some absolutely spectacular views of the countryside - one side over rice fields to the ocean and the other to the village. Dira also bought coffee and cake (Balinese) with him for us to share and enjoy!

The trek down went quickly with Dira taking our mind off coming down with collecting flowers, and a small puppet skit. We then meandered through rice paddies, the village and met some lovely women who have commenced a soap making enterprise in the village using coconut and honey from the local stingless bees.

Our trek ended at the AAN Secret Waterfall where Made (Dira's wife) cooked an amazing vegetarian lunch from some of the vegetables we picked along the way, we also go to try our hand at cooking Pandan cake.

Once fortified we headed down to waterfall which was only discovered last year. The steps down are steep but the pace Dira sets is leisurely. The ravine and walk along the bottom to the waterfall is spectacular - truly tranquil. The waterfall is stunning. A lot of time and effort has gone in to clearing area and making it accessible but preserving the natural beauty.

As the tour final part of the tour, we were invited to have Dira's home to see what a Balinese home looks like. Dira also organised for his daughters to perform two dances - they were fantastic and we were very honoured to be their audience.

We thoroughly enjoy the day and learnt some much.
Đánh giá về: Aan Lost Gorge and Secret Waterfall . Private Guided Tour
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Thank you for your review of our tour, we are so happy you enjoyed your time in Aan. If you come again to Bali, it would be great to see you and we can share the experience with your families and friends if they come also. Suksma
Đã viết vào 12 tháng 6, 2019
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