Vrženica Canyon

Đánh giá Vrženica Canyon, Baska

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64 trong vòng 5 km
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16 trong vòng 10 km

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Budapest, Hungary106 đóng góp
thg 7 năm 2020
I was so surprised, this path wasn't on tripadvisor, I had to do something about it! We hiked a lot in our week in Baska, but this was the most fun! The path from Baška to the enter of the canyon leads on the rocks a few meter above the see. This part was already fun with the big waves! It crosses some hidden beaches with sometimes a few naturists. :)
The canyon is a demanding path, you sometimes have to climb rocks, and don't be surprised if you found some sheep corpses. Have suncream, hat, water and good shoes! (Altough we saw a guy who made it naked with a backpack. I don't remember his shoes. :D The nudist camping is near, so...)
It is not so demandig, my tiny friend (1,6 m) did it with no climber experience, the biggest rock to climb was maybe 3 meters. It is practically an adult playground.
We recommend to do it starting by the Beach Vrženica, and go upwards till you get to the road that leads to Vela Luka. Then you can decide to go further to Vela Luka, or back to Baška across the hill Lubinin. (The part from the top of the hill to the camping is the most demandig part of the route, watch your steps!) We made Vela Luka on another day, but if you decide to go there, you can maybe go back to the city from there with water taxi (in the summer, it was 60kn 2020 july).
Enyoy it so much as we did!
You can get a free hiking map in the tourist office in Baška, but it is quite well marked path.
Đã viết vào 16 tháng 7, 2020
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