Big Top Burlesque

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Rute F
Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa1 đóng góp
Absolutely Disspointing
thg 7 năm 2013 • Bạn bè
When a group of friends decide to have an adult evening night out the "Big Top Burlesque" show seemed like a great idea. We viewed advertisement on the website and on offer was "The Hottest Show this winter" with "An amazing three course dinner from award winning Blue Feather Restaurant". We book, look forward to an evening of good food and entertainment and off we go. Upon arrival we get usher to our table and so the evening begins... or does it? The starters were served, luke warm soup! The main course on offer, Beef lasagne, chicken risotto and Macaroni and Cheese. For an award winning restaurant and amazing three course meal, it sounded more like a kiddies meal at a Mimo's. The Lasagne was dry and the chicken risotto had chicken skin and bones in it. This was a sure way to put you off your meal. Needless to say most of us didn't finish the meals. As for the entertainment, the vocal performance of the "presenter" of the show was phenomenal. if they had tickets to see the show without the dinner I would recommend it. As for the R480 for "fine dining" someone should use a dictionary!!
Đã viết vào 27 tháng 7, 2013
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Johannesburg, Nam Phi53 đóng góp
Terrible evening at Big Top Burlesque and Blue Feather restaurant
thg 7 năm 2013 • Bạn bè
We were all very excited to go to this show at the Blue Feather in Midrand. When we arrived found our table and asked for the wine list. The response was: "no wine list, it's white or red." We asked for a bottle of still water to go with our now by the glass no name wine, but there was none. Our starters arrived and contrary to our expectations of a lovely Blue Feather restaurant starter, we were served store bought, microwaved, soggy, terrible finger foods. (and no napkins to wipe your fingers) We had the option of a vegetarian dish, beef lasagne or chicken. Our waiter was unable to describe the meal any further. Our table ordered chicken and lasagne. Either was inedible. The lasagne was covered in cinnamon and topped with a terrible egg like gue instead of cheese. The chicken was a tiny portion with overcooked vegetables. A grey mess. When we decided that we would leave, as the show was not professional or near the standard expected, the drivers licence given as collateral in order to start a tab was missing. The best part of the evening was to stop at another restaurant to have dinner. Time and money wasted. Don't bother.
Đã viết vào 11 tháng 7, 2013
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