Wild Water Adventure Park

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11:00 - 19:00
Thứ Hai
11:00 - 18:00
Thứ Ba
11:00 - 18:00
Thứ Tư
11:00 - 18:00
Thứ Năm
11:00 - 18:00
Thứ Sáu
11:00 - 20:00
Thứ Bảy
11:00 - 19:00
Chủ Nhật
11:00 - 18:00
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1 đóng góp
thg 6 năm 2022 • Gia đình
Compré 6 entradas por internet para mí familia, marido y 4 hijos, nunca recibí los tickets. Hablé con la persona encargada y me dice que nunca recibió el dinero, mi banco dice que si se realizó la transferencia, le demostré con pruebas que la transferencia estaba hecha, pero aún así nos dejaron en la puerta esperando 1 hora y finalmente no nos dejaron ingresar. Pagué más de $ 200 y no me dieron ninguna solución. Escribo por acá para advertirles que tengan cuidado, he ido a miles de parques acuáticos y jamas me habían robado tan descaradamente.
La persona encargada se llama Michael Loya y fue muy estrecho de mente, poco amable y no aceptó razones e evidencias claras, pésimo como administrador , hasta se reía de nosotros. El más pequeño de mis hijos quedó muy triste. Horrible lugar. No lo recomiendo en absoluto.
Đã viết vào 17 tháng 6, 2022
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Clovis, CA1 đóng góp
thg 5 năm 2021
I love this water park and I think it is the best in the area. Wild Water was the first water park in the Fresno Clovis area. It is a beautiful place to bring your family or have a special group event. They have great staff that are willing to help.
Đã viết vào 9 tháng 8, 2021
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Carol W
1 đóng góp
thg 7 năm 2021 • Gia đình
They double book reservations for tables. Ask someone a question, no one has a clue what the answer is. Very poor management.
Đã viết vào 27 tháng 7, 2021
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Coarsegold, CA36 đóng góp
thg 8 năm 2019 • Gia đình
Kids love going here. Can bring cooler, no glass or alcohol. Dipping dots and snack bar with food inside. Grassy shaded area for bbq. Fireworks on some days. Early bird season passes great value. Fee to park. Rides slides n pools for all ages. Fishing in pond on site.
Đã viết vào 11 tháng 8, 2019
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Fair Oaks, CA201 đóng góp
thg 7 năm 2019 • Gia đình
The management/owners at Wild Waters each year are always trying to improve this rural water park. It may not currently have all the big, fancy 5 story slides, conveyor lift tube rides, fixed cabanas, and assortment of food court selections like other water parks. However, it does have a family friendly atmosphere, a small footprint so you can keep track of your kids or your group you are in charge of, the current rides are not too big for younger kids, they have a fabulous, huge swimming pool, they have awesome fireworks displays, and they continue to improve/add new attractions every year. For instance, they are adding a lazy river this upcoming season. AWESOME!!!! Now, I do have a few cons: they should, if possible: 1) try to switch out the broken lounge chairs every year, 2) build real cabana’s like Sunsplash in Roseville (get rid of the tents), 3) find a better pizza supplier. All in all, Wild Water is worth the drive and I can’t wait for the lazy river to be completed!!!!
Đã viết vào 28 tháng 7, 2019
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Queen J
California2.093 đóng góp
thg 6 năm 2019 • Doanh nghiệp
In short, I felt compelled to update my review from last year with this year's recent disappointing experience.

While I still feel this park has much to offer, our school field trip here last week left me puzzled at the lack of preparation and organization. We have grown accustomed to the planning and procedures that should be in place when schools attend the park for the year-end celebrations, the hallmark of any water park's opening season. Though we attend every year with advance reservations for 700 eighth grade students (in addition to hundreds of students from a few other districts), the park was poorly prepared for our visit.

Only one restroom in the entire park was functional because the rest of the toilets were clogged or had overflowed. A maintenance crew was pumping the sumps of one location most of the day and the other sites were simply closed from the moment we arrived. This is something that should have been scheduled well in advance of the first of the summer crowds.

The grounds were shabby and in desperate need of weeding, manicuring, and mosquito abatement. Horseshoes were usually supplied, but were not offered this year. The horseshoe pits no longer have any sand and were overgrown with weeds.

Every year, our volleyball players spend the entire day on the courts regardless of the unrelenting sun. A puny water hose mister would provide a modicum of comfort.
But this year, no misters.
No sand.
No nets, in fact.
Dirt lots with sparse weeds greeted our volleyball players. Even if the sand had been replenished, neither court had a net. We were forced to watch our solemn students wander around forlornly, robbed of their purpose.

Staff members usually check in with us at the start and promptly deliver the ice we ordered and other supplies as needed. This year, the ice trough was not delivered until almost noon and no staff members checked in with us after that.

I believe all of these issues stem from poor management rather than staff training. I'd like to note that the young lifeguard staff members were friendly and professional. They greeted our students outside on each bus with a brief statement of expectations and directions. At the entrance gates, they smiled and welcomed the students as they entered. Snack bar staff members were friendly and efficient (considering the overwhelming demand for their services).

Competent young staff members aside, we were dismayed at how the park was not prepared for the season. Non- functional bathrooms are not only inconvenient, they are a health hazzard. I shudder to think of how many students solved that problem by simply relieving themselves in the pools. A little E-Coli never hurt anyone, am I right? No..?

Suffice it to say, our district is looking into alternatives for next year. That's a $7,000 loss for Wild Waters. With a competing water park only 26 miles away, it's not rocket science to predict that many customers will abandon ship for the newer - and cleaner - Island Water Park in Fresno.

As I finish this review, it is one week later, and they may have gotten it together by now, but we won't be returning.

Đã viết vào 9 tháng 6, 2019
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Kevin W
Hamilton, New Zealand38 đóng góp
thg 6 năm 2019 • Gia đình
The kids love going to this place for the fun and cool off. A good range of water slides to suit the timid and the daring. Plenty of places for picnics
Đã viết vào 5 tháng 6, 2019
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Clovis, CA301 đóng góp
thg 10 năm 2018 • Gia đình
We have gotten season passes to WW every year for the past 5-6 years because it is located 10-15 min down the street from our neighborhood, and my daughter has always loved it, even at age 2! They have tons of shade, the kiddie area is just big enough to have fun in without losing your kiddos, and the rides are all pretty mellow for someone who hates thrill rides like me. My only complaints are that they do not have enough free seating for all their guests (you need to arrive at opening time most days during the summer to get a seat, even just for one person), and that they don’t have a lazy river. I only say that because my daughter and I really, really love the lazy river at another local water park that has all the same things we like about WW.
Đã viết vào 14 tháng 10, 2018
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Clovis, CA8 đóng góp
thg 5 năm 2018 • Gia đình
We have been coming to this place for years. Absolutely love bringing the kids and grandkids here . It’s definitely a must !
Đã viết vào 17 tháng 9, 2018
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Queen J
California2.093 đóng góp
thg 6 năm 2018 • Doanh nghiệp
I've been coming to this water park for 10 years with the 8th grade end of year field trip. In most ways, it's a typical water park - priced to extort, overcrowded, long lines, ridiculously expensive food, over-chlorinated water (a better alternative than E.coli), disinterested lifeguards, etc. It ranks at the bottom of the list compared to almost all other water parks in California (outside the Central Valley), which are superior in their slide structures and variety, but given the limited competition within a 100-mile radius , it suffices.
However, I do think it's the better choice between the two parks in the area - this or Island Water Park off freeway 99 in Fresno - mainly because the Wild Waters Park is larger, shady, and well, a park. Here are my thoughts :

- This is a large park (52 acres) with winding concrete paths, shaded by tall trees, which lead to separate areas of the park. Picnic areas are more private and secluded, many of them arranged along the fringes of the park near the river or child pools and away from the large slide structures. More privacy. More of a "camping" feeling when it's not over crowded.

- The variety of slides caters to every age group. There's a toddler play structure with mini slides, a secluded 5 foot pool for family swimming, a large wave pool, tunnel slides, half pipe slides, a rampage slide you ride a sled down, a rapids slide you ride on a 4 person round raft, two slides you ride on long innertubes for 1 or 2 people, The Sidewinder, which looks like a giant skateboard ramp that you ride with another person, bobsled-style, but laying back. You slide down the ramp of one side then up the other side and continue

- While the grass and foliage throughout the park and the river that borders it create a nice, secluded ambience, they also create humidity that can be felt emanating from the grass on all those hot summer days when it's over 100*, though it's still a better alternative to Fresno's Island Water Park, with its solid, white concrete that reflects the sun's rays back at park victims both relentlessly and mercilessly.

- The food is overpriced and terrible (as expected in a theme park) and there are very long lines.

- The wave pool is murky and gross, like all wave pools with tons of people in it.

- The admission fee is horrendous and I would not go here during the summer with all the crowds.

In sum, I like Wild Waters and its shady park features and many secluded picnic and BBQ areas. It has a fair selection of rides. My complaints apply to all theme parks in general, so as water parks go, it's a decent choice.
Đã viết vào 8 tháng 8, 2018
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