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San Gabriel Valley4 đóng góp
Fresno County's Blossom Trail isn't alive until March, but I was sure there had to be some early bloomers. And yes, that nice lady at Fresno's Chamber of Commerce sent me east on Manning Ave off 99. And there were several gorgeous pink orchards south of Parlier.
But even better, on the way back to Hwy 99, we stopped at Circle K Country Store. No, it is not a convenience store,
It has a nice big parking lot with trees and clean bathrooms
It also has some of the best dried fruit we've had in years. This is the beginning of February, so the fruit is the 2019 crop. It is soft and chewy and fresh tasting. The nuts are fresh and sweet. I grew up with walnut trees and I'm very picky about quality. I asked about the plump, large pecans,expecting a Texas origin. Nope, California grown. We bought some (OK, a lot of) gifts and munchies. The dried pears were exceptionally tasty. So were the walnuts in dark chocolate and the figs. The store is not big because they limit themselves to locally sourced goods. But it is very good indeed.
I could not find a decent tray of dried fruit for my sister at Christmas. She loved the one from here. The prices were reasonable and the quality is exceptional.
I have bookmarked their site for future mail orders. (The UPS man was leaving when we were.)
Đã viết vào 12 tháng 2, 2020
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