Playstreet Museum
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thg 1 năm 2020
This adorable indoor playcenter/children's museum just opened in November 2019. It's perfect for the 2-5 age range, even though kids less than and older than that age will still find plenty to do. They have a live blue tongued skink that occasionally comes out to visit, lots of role playing opportunities for kids including a fire truck, a veterinary office, a house, a pizzeria, grocery store, and school bus. There's also a modular ball maze, wood blocks, a large train table, and a large coloring space. There really is a lot to do and my family kept busy for 2+ hours. The only thing I didn't like was that there was only a magnet keeping the gate closed, so a wiley toddler could definitely escape if they were determined, and there wasn't much seating for adults, so it was a bit awkward to stand around and if you're trying to watch multiple kiddos that could have been tough because of all the adults standing around in the way. The owners shared that they only allow 25 paying kiddos in at a time, so for a family with multiple kids under age 8 it gets expensive quick, but it was nice to be able to bring older kids to help keep their eyes on the younger ones as they were in constant motion.
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