Mosquito Lake Recreation Site

Đánh giá Mosquito Lake Recreation Site, Sandspit

Mosquito Lake Recreation Site
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Moresby Mainline Road, Sandspit, British Columbia V0T 1T0 Canada

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Victoria, Canada12.826 đóng góp
thg 6 năm 2021
Reaching Mosquito Lake is a bit of an adventure. Assuming you’re coming off the Kwuna ferry, immediately turn RIGHT onto the South Bay Mainline Road. Follow it for several kilometers until you reach the junction for Moresby Road. Turn onto Moresby and you should eventually hit the Mosquito Lake Recreation Site. All in all, the drive takes about 40 minutes and covers approximately 35 kilometers.

Contrary to what some may think, Mosquito Lake was not named after the pesky blood-sucking insect; rather, the name was chosen to honour Haida Gwaii’s connection to the de Havilland Mosquito, which was recognized as the world’s fastest aircraft from 1941-44. The Mosquito was built primarily of wood and many a Sitka Spruce from this area was used in their construction. In short, we can rest assured that the lake is not brimming with those unpleasant pests ;)

Mosquito Lake Recreation Site is, for all intents and purposes, very rustic. If you made the drive out here, then that’s probably what you’re looking for. The site features a free campground (9 sites), pit toilet, basic boat launch and a covered picnic area. There’s also a short but scenic 1km out-and-back trail that follows Mosquito Lake’s shoreline, giving wonderful views! If you have a kayak or small canoe, the lake makes for some nice boating and trout fishing.

We only patronized Mosquito Lake for a short while following our stop at nearby Skidegate Lake (which, strangely, isn’t listed on TripAdvisor), but clearly see the appeal. Sometimes all we want is peace and serenity – to get away from it all. Well, you can certainly get that here!

NOTE: You will be driving on active logging roads, so use all appropriate caution.
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