Around The Pond Trail

Đánh giá Around The Pond Trail, Sandspit

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Victoria, Canada12.903 đóng góp
thg 5 năm 2022
I recently “discovered” this trail, ironically, while reading a review of the adjacent Onward Point Trail. In that review, the writer noted that they found Around the Pond across the road . . . thus, my interest was piqued. How had I not seen this trail before? Well, it’s actually pretty easy to miss because the trailhead signage is just a generic white marker and the name of the trail – Around the Pond – is almost completely wiped away on account of being exposed to the elements.

Fading signage notwithstanding, the actual trail is quite nice. As you begin, the trail takes you through some dense salal bushes before opening up into a forest dominated by spruce and alders. Here, the moss-covered ground takes center stage and almost makes you feel as though you’ve entered another world. At about the mid-way point, the trail splits in two: Here, you have the option of going around the pond (the trail’s namesake), or doing a “quarry loop.” Both routes eventually link back up with the main trail, so it’s more a matter of preference. Once you reach the trail’s terminus point, you will emerge along the highway a few hundred meters from where you began. Here, another option presents itself: 1) You can walk back along the road towards Onward Point; or, 2) Cross the road and continue along the trail – which provides some nice beach views – until it connects up with the more popular Onward Point Trail system.

All in all, Around the Pond represents a nice 20-minute walk through the forest. The route is well-marked and, I’d suggest, family friendly. For best use of time, I’d recommend doing this trail as part of Onward Point.
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