Kunxalas Heritage Conservancy

Đánh giá Kunxalas Heritage Conservancy, Sandspit

Kunxalas Heritage Conservancy
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Established in 2008, the Kunxalas Heritage Site is located along the northeast coast of Moresby Island, approximately 21km southeast of Sandspit. It covers a respectable 15,718 hectares and, in doing so, protects a number of critical environments and animal species, including: Marbled Murrelets, Northern Goshawks, Geoduck, Abalone, Rainbow Trout and Coho salmon, to name but a few. Historically, Kunxalas was also the site of 4 Haida villages and seasonal camps: Kundji, Koga, Cumshewa, La’naiya and Kunhalas.

From a recreational perspective, Kunxalas is quite attractive as it offers a host of activities suitable for all members of the family: Kayaking, fishing, hiking, beachcombing and camping. When we visited the conservancy, we enjoyed the endless sandy beach of Gray Bay and took in a few hikes. Some brief elucidation:

The major attraction in Kunxalas has to be Gray Bay. This recreational campsite area features a number of large sites for campers and tents, and all have excellent beach access. Pit toilets and picnic tables are also available. At low tide, you can enjoy the gray sandy beach – perfect for romantic strolls, beachcombing or a ride on the quad! The unique “waves” in the hard-packed sand makes for an interesting visual and feast for the eyes as it contrasts with the roaring ocean nearby.

There are a couple of notable hiking trails in Kunxalas – Secret Cove and Cumshewa Head. We tackled Secret Cove, which is a brisk 600 meter trail (one-way) out to a, well, secret cove! We personally found the cove and trail a little underwhelming in comparison to other routes on Haida Gwaii. If you want to visit a nice little cove without having to drive nearly an hour on active logging roads, I’d recommend Smugglers Cove near Kwuna Point. It’s much nicer and a lot easier to access. But then, because of its remoteness, you just might encounter some nudists at Secret Cove ;) The other trail, Cumshewa Head, can be found at the south end of Gray Bay. It is 24 kilometers round-trip and apparently takes a day or two to complete. If you have the stamina (and time), you can hike all the way to the Cumshewa Village site . . . we did not do this for a number of reasons, with time being the primary factor.

While somewhat remote, Kunxalas is well worth the journey. The sandy beaches and wonderful camping will likely demand many a return from those who visit. You can access Kunxalas by driving: 1) If driving off the Kwuna ferry, immediately turn RIGHT onto the South Bay Mainline road and follow it for several kilometers until it turns into Spur 20. You will eventually see signage for Gray Bay; 2) From Sandspit, drive out to the Copper Bay Mainline road until it turns into Spur 20. Again, signage for Gray Bay will be readily seen. Regardless of the route you take, total travel time will be about an hour. Just a note of caution: These are active logging roads.
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