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Lincoln, UK395 đóng góp
thg 3 năm 2017 • Cặp đôi
Decided to hire a couple of bikes and follow the red path that runs behind our hotel. It runs from Porto Cristo to Costa dels Pins about 17 km - 10 miles. There is a choice of bikes and we decided to choose a city bike as opposed to a mountain bike. The owner selected our bikes and adjusted it to suit our legs while sat on the seat. That was it off we go. We headed towards Cala Millor from Sa Coma. It has been a long time since we had been on a bike and what great fun it was. The red path is flat with the odd small gradient to climb but nothing nobody would struggle with. Cala Millor is less than 2 miles away. The path is separate from the main road and is perfect to take children on without the worry of them wandering into oncoming traffic. In no time we were at the bottom end of Cala Millor, a quick rest to admire the stunning beach. We decided to carry on as the journey there had taken less than 20 mins Cala Millor path runs right next to the beach with lots of bars and restaurants along its route. We stopped off at the top end of Cala Millor for a welcome drink and give the gluteus maximus a break from being squashed onto a 5” triangle of foam. Fully refreshed and off we carried on into Cala Bona. The red Path ran along the front of the Levente Hotel but unfortunately due to building works on the hotel and pedestrianisation of the road we had to take a detour. These works were due to finish by the Middle of May 2017 so the route should continue. The path takes you right though Cala Bona harbour where you can stop off and have a beer or a meal. We carried on through on our way to Costa dels Pins. The route goes behind more hotels the far end of Cala Bona before it goes into open countryside. Along the path there are lots of cul de sacs where you can take the bike and reach the beach and do a spot of sunbathing or swimming away from the crowds, but there aren’t many places to eat or drink after Cala Bona. The red path suddenly stops at Ave de Pinar and you have to go onto the road which may put some people off. We carried on a bit further before the old gluteus maximus was indicating that it had had enough of being squashed and we decided to turn around and head back via various pit stops for a drink and revive old gluteus. When we arrived back we had been out for 5 hours but the bike hire shop was shut so we locked the bikes up and put the key through the door. Great fun. Don’t worry about getting a puncture as most of the bike hire owners have an agreement to fix or repair each other’s bike if necessary but if not ring the number on the map given and they will come to your rescue. Brilliant and less than 10 euro pp. If you think your rear end can withstand a full day in the saddle you don’t have to return the bikes till late into the evening but better check first. And yes we walked a bit like John Wayne for a bit but it soon was forgotten after another beer.
Đã viết vào 10 tháng 6, 2017
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