Winan's Meadow
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Higham, Suffolk, UK957 đóng góp
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After discovering Winan's Meadow in mid-2017, we are now very regular patrons of this beautiful park. The park is located along Franklintown Road in the western portion of Leakin Park, in an area called Gwynn's Falls. Winan's Meadow is connected to an adjacent park (named Eagle Drive) via a series of forest trails. Both Winan's Meadow and Eagle Drive have free parking and public toilets, which are locked after dusk.

The first thing we noticed is how clean this park is! Whilst debris washes through the area during storms, the "Friends of Gwynns Falls" conducts regular clean-up events to ensure the park stays beautiful. Other regular users of the park, including "Leakin Park parkrun," also help keep the park nice for other users.

Winan's Meadow has a large network of paved paths and trails. The major paved path is the Gwynn Falls Trail, which is designated with both posted mile markers and a painted green "GF" on paved path; a large sign/map is located adjacent to the Winan's Meadow car park.

Winan's Meadow also has a large meadow (hence the name), which hosts a large pavilion area for outdoor activities. Less than 300-meters southwest of the meadow is the site of the 19th century water wheel.

Every Saturday at 09:00 AM, "Leakin Park parkrun" hosts a FREE 5K run/walk, which commences from the car park located in Winan's Meadow. In addition, we regularly see bicyclists, dog walkers, and people fishing in Dead Run (the large creek that cuts through Winan's Meadow), to name a few.

If you want to visit a clean park with plenty of nature, I highly recommend popping by Winan's Meadow.
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