Grand Loop Road

Đánh giá Grand Loop Road, Yellowstone National Park

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jesse o
Jackson, WY6.609 đóng góp
thg 10 năm 2020 • Cặp đôi
The Grand Loop is actually a figure-eight of 244 kilometres. There are five spur roads connecting to it from five of the six gates to Yellowstone. Others will include photos of attractions a short distance from the loop but I’ve included only photos from and on or immediately off the road.
You may imagine it’s an easy thing to drive it all in one day and you’d be right if that’s all you wanted to do, to cover the distance. But there is a weeks worth of scenery on that road and on its spurs. And, because of traffic, besides the stops you’d like to make, you may not cover as much ground as you’d planned. But it is the way to get about the one percent of Yellowstone that’s developed. And, if you get the bug, it provides access to many picnic areas and trailheads from which to get deeper into it, what we call Wonderland.
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