Ierá Moní Agíou Nikoláou Imeroviglíou
Ierá Moní Agíou Nikoláou Imeroviglíou
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The Monastery of Hagios Nikolaos is one of the sights on the Fira-Oia walking trail and is located between the villages of Firostefani and Imerovigli. If like us, you start at the Fira end, then it is only a kilometre or so into the walk.
This is only a quick stop but it is worth walking out to the large viewing area beside the monastery for a view of the entire Santorini caldera.
From the outside, there is not a lot to see of the monastery itself. Apparently it houses a collection of Byzantine icons but it was closed when we were there.
For the more serious minded, it has an interesting history as one of the first women's monastery in Santorini and dates back to 1651.
It wasn’t always in this location. Originally, it started as a private chapel within the grounds of the Venetian castle of Skaros (we passed Skaros Rock later in the walk).
The chapel belonged to the Gyzi family, who had a bunch of daughters and decided to convert their small chapel into a monastery. The Gyzi girls became the first nuns.
Some 150 years later, the Archbishop of Santorini gave permission to move the convent to its current location, which had the advantage of being much more accessible.
With 32 cells, the new monastery housed a large number of nuns. They lived a quiet life, continuing to weave cotton fabric in the traditional manner. When other monasteries were forced to close due to dwindling numbers, this one had enough nuns to stay open..
It is dedicated to St Nicholas, patron saint of Greece and protector of sailors and seamen. A small, golden mosaic of the saint glitters above one of the main doors.
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