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Eaglehawk Motel

401 Eaglehawk Rd, Eaglehawk, Greater Bendigo, Victoria 3556 Úc
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This is your average country motel. What sets it apart is it's cleanliness and how the managers and staff are exceptional. I'm a germaphobe and take dettol wipes with me and always wipe over remotes and switches etc. but no dirt wiped off and everything and the floors were spotless. A credit to their staff. I've stayed in two rooms and highly recommend this motel.
Đọc thêm
Heading east again for a break. First stop Bendigo with accommodation at the Eaglehawk Motel just a short drive out of the CBD of Bendigo and on the main road into Bendigo if you are coming in from Warrancknabeal, Donald and St Arnuad. Drive straight into the undercover reception area to be greeted in a friendly manner and directed to your room. Fortunately all rooms are on a ground level with the car parking at the front of the unit. First impressions of the colour decor is that this will be a step back in time to the 70’s. Red doors with applied decorations to the glass giving a Spanish feel. Opening the door into a very clean but dated room with a queen bed, a table with two chairs, and a lengthy wall shelf that can be used effectively to connect to the wifi that has a good speed – at least the nights we were there. Stepping into the small kitchen area showed the shower and toilet area to the right. Tiles very busy and lifted straight out of the 70s had the effect of making the space appear smaller than what it is. It has an odd layout as you have to walk through the shower area to reach the toilet. Just a quick note on the wifi, make sure you request the password when you checkin. We had to go back to reception the next morning to get it as we had a dinner with friends the first night. Beds moderately comfortable with fresh linen. There were multiple power outlets in the room which was superb. Access to the property is either from the main road or from a nearby back street which makes access quite good. However, there were some issues. No microwave, no phone to reception, the clock on the bedhead had not been re-set after the introduction of day-light saving hence was an hour behind! The washing bowl in the kitchenette was a bathroom washbowl, doubling as the bathroom handbowl and the kitchen sink, and was difficult to use to wash dishes. Although available from reception, there was no iron or ironing board in the room. The tissue box in the kitchen area was empty. No dishwashing liquid available for dish washing as the limited number of glasses/crockery meant the dishes needed to be washed and dried. The electric blanket still on the bed gave the bed a really uneven surface resulting in this traveller having an aching back. If you like fresh air, then the rooms are designed such there is no way you can achieve it. Light from the street behind the block comes through the shower/toilet windows and from the other side, the curtains do not adequately prevent the light from the car parking quadrangle. Light enters from the top of the curtains and from the bottom. If you require darkness for sleeping, then this is not for you. There is a Super Iga a couple of streets away and Epsom shopping centre about 5-7 minutes away. Stay again? Maybe depending on where I need to be in Bendigo ... but would not be my first choice.
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We had a room to sleep 3 adults. 3 single beds were provided,comfy mattress. Ample room between the beds. Small heater/air conditioner as it was cold we used the heater and it quickly warmed the room. Coffee and tea facilities. Very clean. Easy to find. Close to Bendigo. Good Value for the price
Đọc thêm
Great quiet location, well kept clean rooms, good customer service, good location,reasonably priced.... very happy and likely to book again.. the only negative is the bed and pillows was uncomfortable.
Đọc thêm
a nice place, comftable beds, suited myself and my children but found all of Bendigo's hotels..very expensive . Just a room, a coffee, and poor heating..might as well pay extra to stay somewhere else
Đọc thêm
73 US$ - 86 US$ (Dựa trên giá trung bình cho phòng hạng chuẩn)
ÚcVictoriaGreater BendigoEaglehawk
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