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150 Horn Lane, Acton, Ealing W3 6PG England
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#2 trong số 2 tại Acton
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Beacasalm đã viết đánh giá vào thg 2 2022
1 đóng góp
Atención!!! No reservar bajo ningún concepto en este hotel. Aunque canceles la reserva en el plazo establecido como gratuito para ello te la cobran. Da igual que reclames a Booking porque se lavan las manos. NO RESERVAR
Đọc thêm
Ngày lưu trú: tháng 7 năm 2021Loại chuyến đi: Đã đi du lịch
Hữu ích
Chia sẻ
Maxim đã viết đánh giá vào thg 1 2022
England, Vương quốc Anh29 đóng góp
Unpleasant experience. Misleading information on about the opening hours of the reception. Avoid the hotel at all costs! When asked about the misleading information on opening hours of the reception, the customer services of just avoid any responsibility for the misleading information posted.
Đọc thêm
Ngày lưu trú: tháng 7 năm 2021
Sự sạch sẽ
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Chia sẻ
A G đã viết đánh giá vào thg 6 2020
8 đóng góp16 cảm ơn
Myself and my 20 year old daughter stayed here and while we found the experiences of most of the other reviewers to be correct - bathrooms small (have to tuck your knees below sink to sit on toilet), dirty, damaged furniture etc, this was not the worst part. The younger man (his name sounds like twodoors); with streaked blonde hair; looks in his 30's; has an unhealthy fascination with girls. He kept making advancements towards my daughter, trying to coerce her to come into his office etc. His motives were questionable at best! He made my daughter very nervous and feel very threatened by his behaviour! PLEASE PLEASE be wary of this man.
Đọc thêm
Ngày lưu trú: tháng 11 năm 2019
Giá trị
Dịch vụ
Giấc ngủ
Mẹo chọn phòng: Please do not stay here or allow any young person to stay here!!!
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Chris đã viết đánh giá vào thg 8 2019
11 đóng góp
This is my very first review, I feel so strongly about this that I felt I needed to say something. We booked a room with the hotel as my partner had gone to watch a concert at Wembley in June and we wanted to stay in London afterwards. We found this hotel and booked it as it was very affordable - in hindsight we wish we had the reviews! Upon arrival, I will admit the receptionist was very friendly and escorted me to the room. Once I got into the room I was in for a shock. It was utterly disgusting and not guest ready at all! The shower curtain had dirty stains all over it, the bathroom itself was filthy, there wasn't a window and it was extremely tiny. I was in there for no more than 2 minutes before I had to get out! I had to go meet my partner back at Wembley to pick her up after the concert. I showed her the pictures of the room and she was appauled. There was no way I was going to let her stay in a place like that. Unfortunately this meant having to go back home to Canterbury and thus ruining all of our plans we had made for our nights stay in London. I had sent an email to explain I was upset with the state of the room and wished to resolve this. No reply. I then called and they said they would get a manager to call me at some point. No call. It has now been 2 months and I still haven't heard from the manager regardless of how many times I call. I'm always told they aren't in. Even when I leave my number to call me back they don't. I tried emailing again only to find it didn't send as they have apparently blocked me. Very unhelpful over the phone. I don't think this is the first time they have had this as they are very fast to tell me the manager isn't in. I have provided pictures of the room to hopefully save someone else the experience of staying here. Honestly, do not stay here. Spend that little bit extra for a place that actually cares for their guests. No doubt I will be reporting them to trading standards as something needs to be done about this place. Not even worth 1 star!
Đọc thêm
Ngày lưu trú: tháng 6 năm 2019Loại chuyến đi: Đã đi du lịch
Hữu ích
Chia sẻ
Dee B đã viết đánh giá vào thg 6 2019
15 đóng góp
I made a genuine booking through to stay in a DIFFERENT hotel (A to B London). On arrival, A to B hotel told us they had had a leak and it had caused damage in several rooms, so they had to relocate us to their sister hotel 10 mins drive away. These photos are of that hotel. I was so rushed for time that I only had chance to take a few quick snaps, I wish I’d taken more. They do not do justice to the filth and squalor. Unfortunately, because of the relocation, we had to dump our bags and run because we had tickets to Wembley. We didn’t get back to the hotel until gone midnight, so crashed out. It wasn’t until morning that we saw the true state of the hotel. HORRIFIC! This wasn’t just a bit shabby or cheap, this was years of dirt and filth, bacteria doesn’t bear thinking about, but the poo thumbprint on the bathroom tile by the door in the 2nd room.......I asked the manager to look me in the eye and tell me if she would be willing to take a shower in the one in my room and showed her the photo (see Photo), she could barely look at the picture and kept quiet and sheepish. This hotel has used the “leak” line several times to funnel people to this sister hotel, so it’s not a one off. If you only believe ONE review, please let it be this one, the photos don’t lie. I’ve travelled round the world and stayed in some cheap, tatty places fairly happily, but this filth and germ infested squalor makes me wonder who is responsible for checking hotels in Acton and signs them off as habitable. If you’re going to Wembley, I know tones are tight, but do yourself a favour and spend another £40. Trust me, it’s not with the stress of this. No hotel should get away with this, no matter how cheap. What’s worse, they know they are taking your money to do this to you. It’s not a genuine oversight and a little bit of cleaning needed here and there. The whole place is disgusting.
Đọc thêm
Ngày lưu trú: tháng 6 năm 2019Loại chuyến đi: Đã đi du lịch
Hữu ích
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Vương quốc AnhEnglandGreater LondonEalingActon
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