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Haida Gwaii, British Columbia V0T 1S0 Canada
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rob d đã viết đánh giá vào thg 8 2019
19 đóng góp2 cảm ơn
We were glad to spend one night here, but it was a bit expensive and we were happy to move on the next day. Happy to have a shower, but expensive. Well located near Massett and on the highway to the north beaches.
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Ngày lưu trú: tháng 5 năm 2019
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Faye M đã viết đánh giá vào thg 8 2018
2 đóng góp1 cảm ơn
The lower field of this property is very nice and could be developed into a great camping spot. The upper area is like drive-way surfing. No defined spaces or picnic tables. The facilities are old and stained. The common room dirty and cluttered. We did not stay more than1 night and would not return.
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Ngày lưu trú: tháng 8 năm 2018Loại chuyến đi: Đã đi du lịch
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Ian B đã viết đánh giá vào thg 7 2018
Vernon, Canada36 đóng góp2 cảm ơn
What can you say about the Bunkhouse “Resort” ? Ok, first we should be clear, it is not by any stretch of the imagination a resort. We had actually booked and pre-paid one night, we were going to book two nights but we got a gut feeling when talking to Sid over the phone that maybe we should only book one and see how it goes. When we arrived, there was a car that had pulled in before us and took one look at the place and left, so there’s that. This place is nothing if not “interesting’. The picnic tables in the camping ground are rotting away and are so sodden that the wood is actually spongy. We figured this is Haida Gwaii and there are going to be characters so we looked at everything with that in mind. The camp spot itself was pretty comfortable and dry if a touch cramped; we took the “dry” campsite. The flush toilet was more or less clean but the sink was beyond filthy, we didn’t check the cold-water shower next to it. Basically, this is someone’s large backyard property. The RV spots seem to be the driveway and a lower parking area marked with painted stones that have RV 1, RV2 etc painted on them. They looked very close together and I can’t image anything but a small van parking there. We didn’t mind the place overall for overnight but if you’re camping then I it might be worth looking at the Hayden Turner City Campground a few Km’s down the road and very near the beach, which we did for our second night.
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Ngày lưu trú: tháng 6 năm 2018Loại chuyến đi: Đã đi du lịch
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h7ranch đã viết đánh giá vào thg 10 2016
Quesnel, Canada6 đóng góp
Went to reserve a spot for following week. Base rate cost was $40/electric only, if you wanted sewer it was another $5.00, and for water add another $5.00 for a total of $50.00/night full service - Outrageous! This place is certainly not worth what owner/Sid was charging, the place was deserted when we were there and he insisted we pay up front or he would not hold us a spot - a real people person - we paid cash like a pair of idiots and he didn't even give us a receipt. Place is pretty shabby with lots of bottles & cans piled high along with pallets of batteries and wires strung everywhere from solar panels. We never went back - a lesson well learned.
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Ngày lưu trú: tháng 9 năm 2016Loại chuyến đi: Đã đi du lịch
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Cheryl O đã viết đánh giá vào thg 7 2016
Kitchener, Canada4 đóng góp2 cảm ơn
Sid's Bunkhouse Campground Resort is much more than a campground. You can limit yourself to pitching a tent here, having a good hot shower, then a gloriously quiet sleep. But you can also enjoy a good cup of coffee in the morning, served up by Sid. Kick back and chat with Sid, even at the break of dawn - he has some very interesting takes on life! The man is the epitome of self-sufficiency and is happy to show you around the place to see what he has built up over the years. Everything you see he has built himself. He recycles everything, Everything is arranged to optimize privacy. He adorns his place with items that are meaningful, whimsical, historical, and/or practical. Good value for money, and good memories of a unique place and a gracious host ahead of his time. Fans from Ontario; July 2016
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Ngày lưu trú: tháng 7 năm 2016
Địa điểm
Dịch vụ
Loại chuyến đi: Đã đi du lịch
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CanadaBritish ColumbiaHaida Gwaii (Queen Charlotte Islands)
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Các điểm du lịch lân cận bao gồm Haida Heritage Centre at Kay Llnagaay (6,0 dặm), Queen Charlotte Visitor Centre (1,2 dặm) và Spirit Lake Trail (7,2 dặm).
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Nằm gần các nhà hàng như Jags Beanstalk, Blacktail Restaurant và Ocean View Restaurant.