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Dorking England
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Dorking England
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My son stayed here recently with his year group on a geography residential. £200 for one night. All I can say is he came home saying never again. Food horrendous. he found hair in one of his meals which made him feel sick. Bed uncomfortable and rooms pokey. He wouldn't recommend staying here. Definitely not value for money and said I wasted my money......
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amazing food- they catered to an extremely large range of dietary requirements and they were options available for halal, vegan, gluten-free preferences (they even have a different toaster for people who are gluten free) amongst others the rooms- they are very modern and have clean bedsheets etc the staff are so nice and are so helpful, always willing to help regardless of how busy they are the common room has a tv and an air hockey and football table and a selection of teas and coffee they give cake every day at 4pm!! there is loads of space to chill outside well ventilated rooms bear in mind that the majority of these reviews indicate unrealistically high expectations coming from a place of privilege and a lack of reasoning generally AMAZING HIGHLY RECOMMEND ps the work is boring but you have free time so it's okay
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I had a nice stay at Juniper hall. Upon arrival there are some goats which are very cute and the staff were very friendly. We were given a tour of the house and then we went to our bedrooms. The bedrooms were tidy and clean and overall very nice. The only thing that disappointed me was the food. Breakfast I found fine although there could have been a more range of cereal. Dinner I found not very nice. I think they need to think of more meals children actually like for example pizza or pasta as the curry didn't go down well. My tutor for the weekend was very friendly and approachable however in lesson time I found that she wasn't very enthusiastic and a bit boring making some people fall asleep... however, I did learn something new which was good. The countryside around is absolutely gorgeous especially in the summer evenings. Overall, i had a pleasant stay at Juniper Hall.
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I stayed here as part of a group during an A Level Geography field trip. The location and building itself was lovely, set in beautiful Surrey. The rooms we were allocated were rather tired and small, and could do with a refurbishment. Issues included broken window handles, lights and old beds. Toilets and showers were clean and functioning. The food was decent, portions were fairly generous and there was always lots of food on offer. The course and tutors were informative and knowledgeable, but there was a lot of work to do. Overall, the trip was good, but the rooms and facilities could certainly do with an upgrade.
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During our England trip with our orchestra we stayed with 85 people 5 days in Juniper Hall. We had a great time at the accommodation, the food was really excellent and healthy, the location-manager Simon and his staff were really excellent in arranging everything for us and there is plenty of space outside and inside to do all kinds of activities. Very much recommended!
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Vương quốc AnhEnglandDorking
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