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Klein Brak River
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Eden Country Inn

Old George Road Little Brak River, Klein Brak River 6503 Nam Phi
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I was quoted a very low rate which I thought was because I mentioned I am a tour guide needing a room for 2 nights while my clients are at a game lodge not far away. It turns out the low price is because it's a dump. The website shows lovely photos but the reality is something else. My room stank of dirty carpets; the bedding was old and just a blanket instead of a duvet; the room was freezing; furniture is old and patched in parts; the tv had no remote and I was told it would be sorted the next day - there were empty rooms so they could've changed my room instead of bringing a different tv the next day; the main overhead light in the room is actually on the wall behind the tv so I struggled to work on my laptop as it was too dark; no shower so I bathed the first day but the second day bathing was impossible as the water was flowing outside the room instead of into the bath. My room was not cleaned, bed not made up; coffee in the rooms is actually chicory. The restaurant is horrid. Staff were very friendly but the food is abysmal. A burger is served on 2 slices of toasted bread and the meat patty is a thin tasteless frozen one. Breakfast was beyond boring and very unappetizing. If I ever again need accommodation in this area I'd rather drive the extra miles and spend double the amount by going to the nearby towns of Hartenbos or Mossel Bay where they know how to provide service and understand tourism.
Đọc thêm
You get what you pay for (cheap-cheap) and its not a nice family B&B. By the way, whop gave them that 2 star grading and when?? We did not find a fridge or airconditioning there, so much for self catering when there is no facilities to make use of. Its basic and very old fashioned. The bedding was from the 1950's and smelling of dust, did they not hear of fabric conditioners?? I would urge all websites to remove them as a place of accomodation, as they need an urgent upgrade or possibly demolition.
Đọc thêm
We stayed overnight from 19-20 Dec and found it very disappointing. We had 2 three quarter beds in the room (one would imagine that they would enquire if a husband and wife would like to sleep together), there is only a bath, and there is a notice above the toilet that says the pressure is low, so if the toilet doesn't flush the first time, wait a while and then flush - a disaster! We paid R295 pp and it was def not worth it. We couldn't wait to get out of there quick enough!
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We arrive on the 9 January 2012 at Eden Country Inn at Klein Brak River. It is a two star Hotel. We booked two rooms but changed it to a Chalet. The Chalets are very very old fashioned. The bathroom and kitchen have lanoleum floors that lift from the floor and mold growing everywhere. The toilets and the bath and the basin seems to be there since the 1940's. The hotel needs an urgent update. Upon arrival the chalet was not cleaned properly. I had to go see the manager to clean the place properly. The stove in the kitchen is rusted and fall apart and is extremely dirty so was the freezerand the whole kitchen. The place is Mosquito ridden and it need proper mosquito nets and gauze on the windows. The mouldy bathroom walls was dirty and so was the bath and the basin and the toilet. The bar they advertise to be a ladies bar but it aint one more a one horse town bar with nothing in it but drunk people. The hotels restaurant is drab and dreary and needs an update and so does their menu. It also lies near the Highway and the traffic noise can be overwhelming especially at night when you want to get a proper rest. There's no such thing as A/C is open windows and a battel witht he mosquitos.
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Nam PhiWestern CapeKlein Brak River
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Các điểm du lịch lân cận bao gồm Santos Beach (0,6 dặm), Bartolomeu Dias Museum Complex (0,9 dặm) và Harry Giddy Park (1,2 dặm).
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Nằm gần các nhà hàng như Carola Ann's, La Peron Visskerm và Cafe Gannet.
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