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Approved Serviced Apartments Park Rise Manchester

Chia sẻ
73 Seymour Grove, Stretford M16 0LD England
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Số 3 trong 4 Cơ sở lưu trú đặc biệt tại Stretford
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21Đánh giá0H+Đ0Mẹo chọn phòng
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Tom M đã viết đánh giá vào thg 7 2020
3 đóng góp3 cảm ơn
Awful. We have made a miserable mistake moving here, where to begin on why... The neighbours are an absolute nightmare, incredibly noisy and seem to operate on a different time scale to working people (expect to hear them through the paper thin walls and ceiling until 2am.) There are also so many dirty selfish chavs here its unreal, like seriously. People leave bin bags out in the open (RIGHT NEXT TO THE BIN AREA...) These bin bags are usually spilling all over the place and its not uncommon to see used sanitary pads just lying there. The lifts rarely work and when they do get fixed are often broken again within the week, if are moving to the ground floor then please don't think that you get off easy as, unsurprisingly, its infested with rats thanks to the reprobates that stay here. Its currently 22°c and above at night but luckily they allow you to have your window open 1 inch (Literally) so yanno you get such a refreshing asthmatic breath of fresh air every so often. Thats good fun. But to be honest you dont get a break from the noise, and so, when opening a window those chavs I mentioned love blasting music in their cars early in the morning. We stupidly signed a 12 month contract before we moved in, 8 months left until we can run from this disgusting hole of a place brimming with rats and the kind of dregs of society you can imagine being happy adding to that. Give somewhere else thats worthy your money, avoid this place!
Đọc thêm
Ngày lưu trú: tháng 7 năm 2020Loại chuyến đi: Đã du lịch theo đôi
1 cảm ơn
Hữu ích
Chia sẻ
Suzanne M đã viết đánh giá vào thg 1 2020
1 đóng góp
Unsecured building, anyone can enter and did. We didnt feel safe. Lifts broken and have been for months. We weren't told. We were 8th floor, 165 stairs. I have severe back problems and asthma. It was a nightmare and made me not want to leave as I knew I'd have the climb back. Lauging gas Drug canisters and food remains left on stairs. Stained walls in public areas. Disinterested customer service who basically told us tough when we explained about my health conditions and the problem caused by having no lift. Sofa was hard, bed was hard too. Absolutely horrendous. AVOID
Đọc thêm
Ngày lưu trú: tháng 1 năm 2020Loại chuyến đi: Đã du lịch theo đôi
Hữu ích
Chia sẻ
John P đã viết đánh giá vào thg 11 2019
Preston, Vương quốc Anh13 đóng góp14 cảm ơn
I was in a rush booking this place for work, had it 7.5/10 which was fine as this was in an ideal location for where i needed to be. To sum up my experience... Negatives • Code for the front door doesn’t always work despite the fact the intercom says the door is open. • It is very unclear where you get your keys from. (Myself and a few people found that they are kept in lock boxes next to your room door) • The building has a vermin problem (according to a sign near the door) • The lift is down (my room was on the 9th floor) • Customer service is little to non-existent – the lady couldn’t tell me where my key was. • Lipstick stain on the wall. • A horrendous smell coming from the boiler when the heating was on (part of the vermin issue?). • At least 10 used Laughing Gas canisters inside the couch not cleaned. Positives • The apartment was a good size for the money. • Bed was comfortable. • The facilities in the kitchen where good.
Đọc thêm
Ngày lưu trú: tháng 11 năm 2019
Hữu ích
Chia sẻ
AdeleKahverengi4 đã viết đánh giá vào thg 11 2019
1 đóng góp
Please do not book this place as it’s a scam!!! All the negative reviews are true!!! I turned up and the pin wouldn’t work to access the door key and no one would answer my call to help me get in. I had to book another hotel and I still haven’t had a response from my numerous voice mails and text messages. The whole place stunk of weed and people were snorting coke in the corridors. There was sick all over the place and the whole place smelled so bad it made me want to throw up. The lift has been broken for at least 8 months and we were on the 8th floor so carrying all our luggage up so many floors was not a fun experience. Please do not book this place as you’ll be wasting your money and will hang out with drug addicts.
Đọc thêm
Ngày lưu trú: tháng 11 năm 2019Loại chuyến đi: Đã du lịch theo đôi
Hữu ích
Chia sẻ
Lauren G đã viết đánh giá vào thg 10 2019
1 đóng góp
DO NOT stay here. Lift broken and placed on the 8th floor, up and down for every trip to the car or out was not great at all. Smelt of damp, furniture broken on arrival, no lamps working in the apartment. Litter absolutely everywhere on the stairs/in the lobby - it was absolutely disgusting if im honest. Guests came back from nights out playing loud music till all hours of the morning :(
Đọc thêm
Ngày lưu trú: tháng 10 năm 2019Loại chuyến đi: Đã du lịch với bạn bè
Hữu ích
Chia sẻ
147 US$ - 1.288 US$ (Dựa trên giá trung bình cho phòng hạng chuẩn)
Vương quốc AnhEnglandGreater ManchesterTraffordStretford
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