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RedDoorz Near Quiapo Church Manila

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512 Quezon Blvd. Quiapo, Manila, Luzon 1001 Philippines
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Số 95 trong 211 khách sạn tại Manila
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89Phù hợp với người đi bộ
Điểm: 89 trên 100
25nhà hàngtrong phạm vi 0 km
9điểm du lịchtrong phạm vi 0 km
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Shiela đã viết đánh giá vào thg 5 2021
Dallas, Texas15 đóng góp5 cảm ơn
I got to stay here because I'm ordered to follow protocol entering the country. I have to be quarantined for couple of days. However, I encountered couple of issues that I think I need to address with. 1. When my flight was cancelled I wasn't given the opportunity to reschedule my date of arrival. Imagine how exhausting it is after a long flight to call agency after agency to get another connecting flights. I had to call to reschedule/cancel swab testing coz of the cancelled flight. I had to call the hotel in manila (RedDoorz near Quiapo Church) to bypass and to consider rescheduling the date of my arrival because it was so hard to get connected with an agent over the phone but it wasn't granted. So I ended up paying a night of a room without even staying in there. 2. The front desk who checked me in was rude, not even helpful at all. I asked her when I checked in if there's a WIFI. She said its in the back of my key. When I got to my room. I checked the back of my key. It's a combination of number. I know I'm not blind but it never goes through. I called her and she said that's the only password she could give me. I called her again in an hour and she keeps saying the same thing so I gave up since its 2 in the morning and I just decided to fix everything tomorrow when I wake up. 3. I called the front desk about the same issue from the evening. They said the WIFI password is only located at the back of my room key. And they said they will try to look for something else and will call me back. 2 hours passed nobody called me. I had to go downstairs regardless I'm on 'quarantine' because no one seems to be helpful at all. Caught them laughing and chitchatting in the lobby when I'm struggling to get access to WIFI to settle some things to do with appointments etc. A nice lady came to my room and help me access the WIFI. It was quick. I asked her how she did it, She said there's a different WIFI password the management just happen to change it long ago and the password at the back of my key is so outdated. So I was speechless. From the night to the afternoon I was told the same thing that it was just at the back of the key. 4. I noticed 2 small cockroaches in my room which I don't really find it disturbing but for a business a running a hotel its a big NO NO NO. 5. My second night was horrifying. I woke up in the middle of the night and felt something was crawling in my back. I was too tired and sleepy to care for it. About a couple of minutes my oranges that was just sitting in the table fell out from the plastic bag. I find it strange but I was damn tired. Later this morning I found out that there's a rat bite in my orange, my cheez whiz and even the soap that I placed in the bathroom sink had a bite on it. I called the FD and someone came in to my room. I was shocked to be asked by a guard to check if there's a visible hole anywhere in my room. He told me that how would a rat came in to my room when its all closed. I'm assuming he is not thinking of ME bringing a rat all the way from outside the country to here; from my almost 28 hours connecting flights. How on earth would I know where that rat came from?. I was also told that they make my room ready, cleaned and they always make sure there's no cockroaches or rat in rooms. Well, apparently this doesn't seem to be clean and tidy at all even the A/C is so dusty, tv and windows are full of finger prints. Which tells me that the those who visited me in my quarantine moment are the regular residents here. (Rat & roaches) Tho the bed linens were clean, I was provided with clean towels, soap, shampoo, toothbrush and small toothpaste. 5. In the morning I asked for a spoon an hour later a guy knocked to my room and said they don't have any and told me to buy spoon from 7/11 (the full pack). But I decided not to, because what am I going to do with a lot of spoon? I asked a girl she was like 15-17 I think, I asked her couple of things and if she could get me a spoon. She came back with a spoon even with a fork too. I never felt so happy in that moment because I was just eating my food in the plastic bag. 6. The internet is so slow. I can't even finish a movie with a loading screen time. I cant talk to my family or friends without buffering. I barely can't do anything at all. There was only 2 person who were genuinely nice to me and I'm very thankful for, the one who gave me the WIFI pass and visited me in my room, and politely informed me that someone is monitoring me and I'm not allowed to go downstairs because I'm in quarantine and the girl who I think even run outside to get me foods because she was sweating and catching her breath. She got me spoon and fork too!
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Ngày lưu trú: tháng 5 năm 2021
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Mẹo chọn phòng: If you mind about rats and roaches, you would wanna think twice getting this hotel. Unless they...
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