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In Gallery Spa Hotel

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Bulveardi Republika 1, Korce 7003 Albania
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Sal Schmidt đã viết đánh giá vào thg 4 2021
Cộng hòa Macedonia2042 đóng góp46 cảm ơn
Three nights turned into six nights, at this newly launched design boutique hotel from early 2021 with the best view of the Resurrection of Christ Cathedral of Korçë. A lovely village surrounded by beautiful mountains, amazing old homes, architecture and the old bazaar. A great destination for night life too. Hotel & Spa The rooms were spacious, modern designed with gorgeous bathrooms and lovely balconies. We found the Deluxe Double Room very comfortable for our six night stay. The mattresses on the beds were too soft for us, but very cosy all the same with high quality linens. When booking the hotel I recommend emailing direct to discuss the rooms available and details. One of the very few hotels with a Spa & Hamman, unfortunately we didn't get to experience it, but it looked beautiful and would be the perfect relax and escape during your stay. A great menu of treatments available. Breakfast, is self service with coffees as you prefer to order. The spread was a great balance of healthy fruits, yoghurts, nuts to your traditional pastries and eggs to order. Rooftop Restaurant - Best steakhouse in Korce, the meat was absolutely incredible, cooked to perfection. A large selection of meat for you to choose your preferred cut. We dined throughout the week most days and each and every meal was incredible from the soups, to the salads, to the mains. Cocktails were exceptional and the wine list was extensive with a mix of the top Albanian, Italian and French red and whites. The views from the rooftop restaurant and bar were mesmerising over the beautiful orthodox church. Gerti and team were delightful. We loved connecting with Gerti and our hearts warmed when he arrived early for his shift to wish us farewell on our future travels and presented us with the most generous gift and said 'So you will always remember us as you travel, a piece of us is with you. Every time you look at the church you remember your time with us'. Its moments like these that we are eternally grateful for the precious people we meet while we travel and creating beautiful friendships around the world. A very special thank you to Elena also for her local tips and organising our transfer to Macedonia, it was always a pleasure chatting with Elena and also seeing first hand her talent in creating flower table arrangements for events, it made us wish we had a birthday to celebrate with friends. We loved chatting with the team and feeling part of the family, they all worked well together and loved interacting with guests.
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Ngày lưu trú: tháng 4 năm 2021
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ΑΝΝΑ Σ đã viết đánh giá vào thg 3 2021
Tirana, Albania33 đóng góp7 cảm ơn
In Gallery spa hotel is a very nicely decorated and clean place at the city centre. Its price is high for Albanian standards and the services do not justify it. Firstly, the check in is at 3:00 and the check out at 12!! You pay a bunch of money for 21 hours!! Secondly, our room was tiny! Thirdly, no one from the staff followed the measures for COVID (masks, distance etc). And finally It was not clear if we could have dinner downstairs, some employees said yes, some others no!
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Ngày lưu trú: tháng 3 năm 2021Loại chuyến đi: Đã du lịch với gia đình
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