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Santa Barbara Plantation, Porta Blancu, Nieuwpoort Curaçao
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Sandals Resorts
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Tourist45153414136 đã viết đánh giá vào Hôm qua
1 đóng góp
DEnnilee great performance 80’s show was fantastic a must see ether singers especially the female vocalist was the star her soul try sound captivated the audience the entire team did a great job keeping us entertained which is he’s to keep a resort of people lively but you will enjoy the show it will not disappoint
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Ngày lưu trú: tháng 9 năm 2023Loại chuyến đi: Đã đi du lịch theo đôi
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cgoose25 đã viết đánh giá vào 20 thg 9
Jacksonville, Florida87 đóng góp67 cảm ơn
Ok so I am always honest in my many reviews so please read all of it because I totally loved this resort. The grounds are beautiful (minus the sewage truck that always seemed to be there every day for some reason) and very well maintained. The main pool is gorgeous and there is probably the best pool bar of any Sandals I’ve been to. Get to the pool early to reserve your spot but at least here it doesn’t seem like u have to camp out overnight to get a chair, we usually got there around 7:30a and we were fine to find something to use for the day. BRING LONG PANTS guys if you plan on eating at Butch’s or Vincent, no shorts allowed fyi. Our favorite though was Gatsu Gatsu, food was great and my wife loved cooking her steak/chicken on the hot rock Ok so the only complaints (not really complaints, this place is awesome) are that there really isn’t much to do at night. No pub here or bar except the main lobby bar. After the shows are over at 10p u can really only hang at one place but it’s still vibing there. SANDALS MANAGEMENT PLEASE READ-please ensure your wonderful bartenders have more resources. Meaning if it’s 9:30 and the bar is packed have more than 1-2 folks trying to make drinks. They’re working their butts off (and never get upset or flustered, always smiling) but you have to wait a while for a drink at times. Pool bars especially during the day especially, give your team some help and make your guests stay even better. The beds are my worst rating, they’re like sleeping on plywood. If you like a hard mattress then you’ll love this, if you have a bad back then ur in trouble. Very very hard, thin mattresses, not happy at all with that. Overall a great stay, the people that work here (like all Sandals in my experience) are amazing and friendly and always willing to help.
Đọc thêm
Ngày lưu trú: tháng 9 năm 2023Loại chuyến đi: Đã đi du lịch theo đôi
Mẹo chọn phòng: September seems to be pretty slow so if you’re not looking for a packed resort this was a great...
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1 cảm ơn
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Chia sẻ
Julie M đã viết đánh giá vào 19 thg 9
Rogers, Arkansas1 đóng góp
I have been to at least 7 other Sandals Resorts, and really loved this resort for so many reasons. The staff was great and friendly, 90% always had service with a smile. The rooms were renovated and updated, and nicely decorated, no longer the mahogany four posted beds and dark colored rooms! We had a concierge swim up room this time, first experience with the swim up room, which was so nice, relaxing, private, and really you can spend more time in the room this way and just enjoy! . Concierge services are always helpful, and make things easier in the way of reservations, personal requests.... Concierge and butler also allow room service. The restaurants were all fabulous, great service, great food, all excellent, the fish was so fresh and amazing.. Just make your dining reservations on the day of arrival, to be assured to be able to dine at all of them. So many great options and varieties. One of the things I liked the best, because I'm older (62) is the ease of getting in and out of the water, yes it's handmade beach, but it's just perfect. I love the other Sandals beaches, but this one was so easy for entry. We rented a pool cabana one day, and a beach cabana, well worth the price and great service. The spa was superb, and the service was fabulous. I would go back to this amazing resort in a heart beat, it really was wonderful. Yes the island is cactus and dry, maybe not as pretty as some of the other island, but still very pretty, lots of Dutch influence with the pastel colors and the history. The golf course was amazing. I meet people that said they loved the course better than Exuma, and Exuma has an awesome course. Then entertainment was awesome, especially the saxophone on the beach, wow. The silent disco party was lots of fun! The grounds were incredible, kudos to the hard working gardeners. So many cute areas to sit and relax, fire pits, gardens, pavilions, privacy, alcoves. I love how Sandals is always trying new things to evolve. I have so many people to thank that made our vacation perfect and amzing, these are just some of the ones: Miangelica, Edmaruina, Deshaous in the spa, hope that's right, Iveonnely, Sharron, Anne housekeeping, Karshana, Elisha Italian, Oshand pool hand at the River, Vincent, Talisha, Aelia, Mitchell, the bartender studying from Lebanon, Kimberly in sales. There are so many more, the staff was superb. I loved Sandals Curacao and hope to be back again! Cheers and Thank You!
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Ngày lưu trú: tháng 9 năm 2023
Giá trị
Địa điểm
Dịch vụ
Loại chuyến đi: Đã đi du lịch với bạn bè
Mẹo chọn phòng: Do get out early to reserve beach chairs, and/or pool chairs.
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Chia sẻ
Pieter S đã viết đánh giá vào 19 thg 9
Urk, Hà Lan52 đóng góp41 cảm ơn
Sandals is een geweldig resort in een prachtige setting. Het is wel erg Amerikaans. Het eten is van prima kwaliteit en de medewerkers zijn zeer vriendelijk. Voor Vincent en Butch restaurant moet wel van tevoren worden gereserveerd. Ze zitten bij reserveren vaak “vol” maar als je er als gast zit is de helft van de stoelen niet bezet. Bij de overige restaurants kun je zonder reservering terecht. De zwembaden zijn prachtig en groots. De beide enorme infinity pools zijn een bijzondere ervaring. Jammer dat aan de main pool in de loop van de middag de muziek extreem hard is waardoor je elkaar nauwelijks kunt verstaan. Ook zijn er veel te weinig parasols, Bij de kleine pool is geen enkele parasol te bekennen waardoor het onmogelijk is om even de schaduw op te zoeken. Het aangelegde strand is sfeervol en je kunt er goed zwemmen maar er is geen golfslag. Op het strand zelf bevind zich een heerlijk restaurant met cocktailbar met zeer ruim assortiment dranken. Verspreid over het resort zijn er meerdere cocktailbars. Ook de 3 food trucks serveren heerlijke gerechten. Er rijden Sandals fietsen over het resort maar niemand die uitlegt of je die vrij kunt gebruiken of moet huren. Ontbijt kan zowel in buffetvorm als a la carte op meerdere locaties worden genuttigd. De buffetvorm is erg Amerikaans veel zoete broodjes en nauwelijks “ongezoet” brood te bekennen. De kamers zijn schoon en comfortabel maar ietwat sober ingericht. De all inclusive minibar was wat sober gevulden en de unlimited wine in the room was precies 1 fles wijn op de kamer. Het ontbreekt volledig aan gast informatie. je wordt naar je kamer gebracht en zoek het verder zelf maar uit. Na 4 dagen kwamen we er achter dat de activiteiten op een scherm bij de hoofd ingang in een razendsnel tempo werden getoond Op de laatste dag kwamen we er achter dat er ook een app was waar de activiteiten op te zien waren. Niemand die dat verteld. Nergens is te vinden hoe je aan de watersport activities kan deelnemen De informatie daarover is ronduit slecht. Het resort is niet toegankelijk voor niet-gasten toen onze huurauto werd gebracht mocht de verhuurder niet het terrein op en moesten we de auto buiten de poort in ontvangst nemen. Niet erg gastvriendelijk. Tijden je verblijf worden er foto’s van gasten gemaakt die je later digitaal voor 20 dollar per stuk kunt kopen maar niemand die je dat verteld. We kwamen er achter dat de fotograaf ook “gratis” een prive fotosessie van gasten maakt. De laatste nacht was brandalarm om 4 uur in de nacht. Toen alle gasten buiten stonden was er niemand van het hotel te bekennen Pas toen iedereen maar weer naar de kamer terug ging kwam er een half slapende Security medewerker om de hoek kijken die zich afvroeg wat er aan de hand was. Vanuit het hotel geen enkel excuus. Het lijkt mij vrij normaal om bij het uitchecken aan de gast te vragen hoe het verblijf was of in elk geval excuus aan te bieden voor het nachtelijke brand alarm. Dat gebeurde echter niet. Aanvankelijk werden we een beetje afgeschrikt door wat negatieve reviews. Maar een nieuw hotel mag best wat kleine fouten maken. Voor stellen is Sandals zeker een sanrader
Đọc thêm
Ngày lưu trú: tháng 9 năm 2023Loại chuyến đi: Đã đi du lịch theo đôi
Đánh giá này là ý kiến chủ quan của thành viên Tripadvisor chứ không phải của Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor thực hiện kiểm tra đánh giá.
Hữu ích
Chia sẻ
Phản hồi từ Rondell O'Neale, Other tại Sandals Royal Curacao
Đã phản hồi hôm qua
vHello and thank you for sharing your Sandals Royal Curacao review with us! It was a pleasure to read your review as it seems we were able to meet all of your expectations for this trip. We are delighted to note that the hospitality of our staff was an outstanding aspect in your experience, as we love going above and beyond to ensure our guests have a fantastic time with us. We are also happy that you enjoyed our gourmet dining options along with other amenities. Providing variety for our valued guests is among our goals and we love knowing when everyone is satisfied! We appreciate your review and are also looking forward to hosting you again soon!
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Michelle O đã viết đánh giá vào 19 thg 9
Elgin, Illinois7 đóng góp15 cảm ơn
We were at this resort September 2-9 as a group of 8. This resort was so beautiful and the entertainment team hands down made our trip. We have been to several Sandals and Beaches (as well as other chains) and this crew was so amazing! Pencil, Malick, Glenroy, Oryan, Okieff, Ramone, Danellie, Leon, DJ Vibes, and DJ Surge are an amazing team. They have made sure that our group is always involved and having fun. We cannot say thank you enough. My husband and I also had a great massage with Shermine and Luxcia. We would hands down come back to this resort!
Đọc thêm
Ngày lưu trú: tháng 9 năm 2023Loại chuyến đi: Đã đi du lịch theo đôi
Đánh giá này là ý kiến chủ quan của thành viên Tripadvisor chứ không phải của Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor thực hiện kiểm tra đánh giá.
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685 US$ - 985 US$ (Dựa trên giá trung bình cho phòng hạng chuẩn)
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Các điểm du lịch lân cận bao gồm Curacao Sea Aquarium (5,4 dặm), Serena's Art Factory (7,3 dặm) và Mambo Beach (5,9 dặm).
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Nằm gần các nhà hàng như El Grill & Mexicano, Bowls Noodle Bar Curacao và Papagayo Beach Club.
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Rất nhiều khách du lịch thích thú khi tham quan Fort Beekenburg (1,5 dặm).
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Có, khách sạn có cung cấp lối vào ra cho xe lăn. Nếu có thắc mắc cụ thể, chúng tôi khuyến khích bạn gọi điện trước để xác nhận.