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4110 Atlantic Ave, Wildwood, NJ 08260-4733
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ATL_J đã viết đánh giá vào thg 9 2021
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Nice hotel, but a work in progress. New floors, new shower, new tile, new nearly everything--but the last 5% of the renovation was left undone. Plastic film wasn't peeled off of shower drain or wall art, excess caulk drops weren't scraped off of floor, plastic bag wasn't removed from A/C unit cable connecting to wall. Seems like they just don't have the staff to put the finishing touches on the place, but that is understandable given the current labor shortage. Overall good hotel, and much more modern interior than most hotels in the area. When I spilled water on the tile floor and wiped it up, the paper towel was CLEAN afterward, not even slightly dingy, which was really impressive. Also, I am a light sleeper, and there wasn't much ambient noise to keep me awake--just ambient light from the insufficient curtains on the main windows. There was very little storage (two small drawers, that's it). Parking was tricky, but that's common in this area. Staff didn't respond to emails and didn't answer phones leading up to my stay, and their voicemail box was full; however, in person they were fine, and the place was very clean and new. And again, I realize there is currently a labor shortage, so I'm guessing the communication issues are temporary.
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Ngày lưu trú: tháng 8 năm 2021
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Monique P đã viết đánh giá vào thg 7 2021
1 đóng góp
Stay away from this place! As soon as we walk up, another customer was in the middle of getting very upset about a stench in their room and being offered a smaller room at another property instead… First red flag. Then we get to the desk, the receptionist tells us he just got to his shift, can’t find our names and needs to talk to his manager (who isn’t there). Eventually he finds it, mutters our room number out loud (105) and needs to call his manager again. He tells us the room is still being cleaned and will be ready for a half hour (this is 6pm, already 2 hours after check in, which was at 4pm). We come back, he says the manager is coming with the key- he doesn’t show up until 7:30! He gives us the managers number dismissively because he doesn’t want to deal with the problem? Super unprofessional. The manager arrives, tells us a story about how the housekeeper walked off earlier in the day because her mother died and he has no one to clean the room. Mind you, during the time we were waiting for this guy to show up, literally anyone could have cleaned a room. This is where the dishonesty comes in - we were waiting outside in the parking area by room 105. There were workers going in and out of it, repairing the bathroom, we overheard everything. I told the manager it looked like people were working in our room, and he said he hasn’t been out there and doesn’t know what I’m referring to (it’s 10 steps away!). He tells me to call Expedia as if they will find us a new place, which I do and hand him the phone, and the guy says the words OK upon hearing they can’t change the reservation, and nothing else. We are frustrated, hungry, and salty from the beach - and go to eat. During dinner I get a call at 9pm that they are now offering us another room at a different property that is clearly not big enough to accommodate. (The young attendant is again begging me to call his manager who doesn’t answer the phone - and he wants us to meet him at the other place). Everything was super sketchy and unprofessional about this place. In the end we just left, without even getting a room. Do yourself a favor, avoid the drama here, and book somewhere else!!
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Ngày lưu trú: tháng 7 năm 2021Loại chuyến đi: Đã đi du lịch
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