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Số 21 trong 28 Cơ sở lưu trú đặc biệt tại Helston
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78Có thể đi bộ một đoạn
Điểm: 78 trên 100
31nhà hàngtrong phạm vi 0,5 km
13điểm du lịchtrong phạm vi 0,5 km
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Internet tốc độ miễn phí (WiFi)
Bãi đỗ xe miễn phí
Bữa sáng tự chọn
Internet tốc độ miễn phí (WiFi)
Bãi đỗ xe miễn phí
Khách sạn không hút thuốc
Internet tốc độ miễn phí (WiFi)
Bãi đỗ xe miễn phí
Bao gồm bữa sáng
Internet tốc độ miễn phí (WiFi)
Bãi đỗ xe miễn phí
Bao gồm bữa sáng
3 sao
3 sao
4 sao
3 sao
Cách Lands End Airport 34.3 km
Cách Flambards Theme Park 0.8 km
Cách Lands End Airport 33.2 km
Cách Flambards Theme Park 1.4 km
Cách Lands End Airport 30.1 km
Cách Flambards Theme Park 4.2 km
Cách St Mawgan Airport 38.7 km
Cách Trebah Garden 3.8 km
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When searching for cottages to rent in Cornwall, Thatch Cottage was the one that stood out the most. We stayed at the cottage for a week. When we turned up there the cottage was everything we had expected and lots more! It was extremely well equipped. There wasn't anything I could think of that they didn't have. To welcome us to the cottage, there were fresh flowers, scones, butter, jam, clotted cream, milk, coffee, tea and lots more. The house was beautifully presented and welcoming. Lovely soft bed linen and towels were provided together with a range of toiletries. It was like a 5* hotel but with a really homely feel. They even provided a dog bed and bowl too! We had a super time making this house feel like our own. We would definitely return there and highly recommend it. Thank you.
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We spent 2 weeks end September at Thatch Cottage and were very lucky with the weather. This area of Cornwall is great for walks and outdoor activities and the perfecdt spot if you want to get away from it all. The cottage is situated sort of in the middle of nowhere approx. 10 miles to the next town. A little village is some 3 miles walking distance along the cliff walk, a dairy farm with great ice-cream, cream teas and a bbq every Friday and Saturday is only 15 min across 2 fields. If you get stuck here in rain it could be a bit boring. The cottage is exactly as described on its website – a charming little place, recently renovated with a modern feel to it. It is set in a little hamlet with a few other cottages, so you can hear your neighbors, but thanks to the little walled garden not see them. The driving instructions were somewhat hard to follow, but thanks to a navigation system we managed to find the place eventually. We arrived in the evening and were glad we had a torch light with us to find the key safe in the dark and open the front door to get to the light switch. The heating system is a bit tricky to figure out when you're not from the UK. You also need to remember to put the booster on the warm water boiler if 2 want to take a shower. The place to buy firewood is mentioned in the information material, but we had to ask a few times before we managed to find it. We also didn't figure out the garbage collection system – again maybe because we're not living in the UK. The housekeeper was very friendly to help with all sorts of problems. To get our mobile phones to work we had to go a few meters up the road. The TV was very unstable (sometimes the programs didn't work as all), but there was a DVD player and an iPod docking station and a wireless network. We had a great time at Thatch Cottage and recommend it highly.
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158 US$ - 811 US$ (Dựa trên giá trung bình cho phòng hạng chuẩn)
Vương quốc AnhEnglandHelston
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