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Country Womens Association Bed & Breakfast

3 Lansell Rd, Toorak, Stonnington, Victoria 3142 Úc
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Số 1 trong 2 B&B / Nhà trọ tại Toorak
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18Đánh giá1H+Đ0Mẹo chọn phòng
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I had a group of 9 enjoy a wonderful high tea experience for my birthday. They catered for a vegetarian and gluten free meals. The tiers had delicious options of savoury pastries, sandwiches, and sweet delights! The only slight disappointment were the scones, which were quite small and a little flat, which were still nice but I had quite high expectations! The volunteers put their heart and soul into the preparation and you can feel the country vibes from the Toorak estate. Parking is easy and for $50 per person, this is a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon.
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My husband and I spent a very relaxing night here last Saturday. Our room 'tho small was immaculately clean & smelled of soap. It was quiet with a nice view of the beautiful Edna Walling Gardens from 1930s. The CWA had the foresight to buy the mansion in 1948. It is like stepping back in time to a grand way of life. The sitting room, library/tv room, front hallway & dining room are all original. Sitting outside on the veranda was a pleasure & quite calming. A continental breakfast is included in the room fee. This was very nicely laid out in the morning. The lady at the desk was lovely & very welcoming. We look forward to staying again.
Đọc thêm
A lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon having high tea at the CWA Toorak. The food was delicious and plentiful, all home baked by the lovely CWA ladies . The table setting was charming with quaint antique teacups and gorgeous hand knitted tea cosies on the teapots . The CWA ladies were so welcoming and friendly, going out of their way to please. I have indulged in lots of high teas, many at Melbourne’s 5 star hotels and it’s up there with the best., great value for money I am very surprised at some of the other negative reviews. , people need to keep it in perspective .Although located in a lovely old heritage home in a beautiful tree lined street,. , it’s not a 5 star hotel , nor should it be . The CWA is a community based organisation which does lots of charitable work as well as providing a wonderful social outlet for women. So hats off to the CWA , well done ladies and thank you for a delightful afternoon, l will definitely be back !
Đọc thêm
I feel so sorry for tripper2melbourne, what a sad individual you are! The "story" you tell I feel is very untrue and I am unsure why you have decided to vent your spleen on such a wonderful organising offering an amazing experience in their high teas?? The CWA high tea is one of the best high teas I have ever had and I have been lucky enough to enjoy high teas all over the world. Yesterday my family and I enjoyed two hours of delicious home made fare, each morsel was a taste sensation. The experience and the tasty offerings were worth every dollar of the fifty dollars per head. These women do amazing things, everything they do is voluntary. The lovely lady who cooked a lot of the offerings, makes her way up from Gippsland once a month for the high teas so she and the other wonderful women can put on these high tea events. So please everyone, don't be swayed by the pathetic comments of tripper2melbourne and Sallyholmes1950, trust what all the "normal" people say about the CWA in past comments and book your high tea, I feel assured you will not be disappointed!! But you may be a few pounds heavier! Thankyou CWA again for such a wonderful experience. I will certainly be back.
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At $50 per head the CWA is charging 4* (or even 5*) hotel rates for their once a month afternoon tea. If it charged $50 for two people, we may be getting close to the actual worth. Before people are appalled and say stop picking on the CWA (it’s resourced largely by volunteers and by subscription), this is business and there’s no room for sentimentality. The house itself is lovely and creates a great ambience for an old-fashioned afternoon tea, but remember, it’s $50 per person. We were all seated at our tables and around came pots of tea and hot water with hand knitted tea cosies. These did the job of keeping everything hot. Then came the plates of food. A great big chicken meatball on a flimsy toothpick made this one hard to eat. There was one small sausage roll each, a tiny quiche and the same size muffin. Sandwiches were on the second plate, cut into triangles with some sort of pinwheel wrap. Just one of these each, which suited me as it wasn’t to my liking. The third plate held the famous scones. They were tiny and one each again. The scones came already with jam and cream, so if you like cream first (or lots of it), you were out of luck. There was also a small posset, one small jelly cake each and some petit fours. These were really sweet and I would have preferred more sandwiches. One staff member attended to all of us and as we were the only table not to be asked if we wanted the pot refreshed, I helped myself to the urn which was bubbling away behind me. The whole experience was a let down. It felt very amateurish. Presentation could have been better, service definitely better and the food, although substantial, really needed some sprucing up. As I said the scones are what the CWA are known for so why one miniature one per person? As I said, it’s an expensive afternoon and not exactly value for money. My advice would be try harder or lower the price.
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ÚcVictoriaGreater MelbourneStonningtonToorak
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