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The Home Pizza - Ảnh của The Home Pizza - Bãi Trường, Đảo Phú Quốc

Ảnh: The Home Pizza

The Home Pizza
Inspired by the typical request of Saigon residents purchasing a loaf of mixed bread: "For a full topping." An intriguing combination of traditional Vietnamese bread and the flavor of rich European ingredients and aromatic spices.
Many Vietnamese children enjoy eating bread dipped in milk. The crispy aroma of bread is replicated on the pizza base, and the sweet and rich taste of condensed milk is changed into Homemade Milk Sauce, with a little sourness to create a unique, yet familiar taste experience.
The Home chef follows tradition by generating the original umami flavour from pineapple and beef steamed for several hours with other specific herbs, delicately enhancing the culinary profile of a historic Hanoi dish
The salty flavor of Phu Quoc fish sauce is converted into a sweet delicacy in a unique way.
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tháng 1 năm 2023
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