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Số 6 trong số 33 Cà phê & Trà tại Bellingham
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Our Coffee
Our espresso is a blend of Central American & Indonesian beans. We offer rotating single origin drip coffees from the Western Hemisphere in addition to our house drip. We make world class traditional espresso drinks, or, if you insist on sweets, we make a homemade caramel sauce that will turn our lattes into your favorite drink. We use a Belgium semi-sweet chocolate for our mochas, offering up a rich chocolate flavor without all the sugar. We also serve cold processed espresso, Toddy. We have a sweetened spiced coffee known as Fantasia.
Our Roaster
We use beans that are locally roasted by our trustworthy friend adib. He owns & operates lotus coffee company. His history as a roaster is unique: when he was a thirteen year old boarding school student in yorkshire, england he befriended an old blind coffee roaster who took him under his wing & taught him the trade. His early understandings of the craft were therefore guided by aroma & sound. Only w/ experience did he begin to take notice of color change, which is a common guiding post of the trade. "It's all about consistency, patience, & love for roasting. Bring me any bean, from any country, & i will produce a great cup of coffee"
Our Machine
We​ call her stella. She's a two grouped, manual lever gaggia espresso machine. She's an italian built antique. Back in the day she lived in a hotel in san francisco. We love her.
Other Drinks
Not a coffee drinker? We make killer in-house chai. We blend all of our own spices & tea that we get from our neighbors at wonderland tea & spices. We also have a nice selection of caffeinated & herbal loose leaf teas & tea blends. Feeling under the weather? Try our ginger blast. Either as a hot beverage or as a concentrated shot, this concoction of lemon juice, grated ginger root, cayenne & honey will help you bounce back. We have iced teas in the summer. We also have a beverage case full of juices & mineral waters
So Fresh
Our bakers come into work so early. When we open we have piping hot stuff for you to buy, literally right out of the ovens. The ovens are on & productive through the early afternoon so that no matter what time of the morning you get up there will be something warm for you to eat.
What's So Fresh
We make mostly american pastry. You know, muffins, cinnamon rolls, biscuits, scones, pies, cookies, brownies, stuff like that. We use real butter. We use a lot of berries & throughout the summer, & as long as our frozen reserves last, we use local, no spray berries. Beautiful berries. Our pastries are good sized & reasonably priced. There are a number of things you can almost always count on finding here: quiche, morning glory muffins (apple, carrot, pecan, coconut, raisin), savory breakfast biscuits, berry muffins, almond & chocolate biscotti, cream puffs (huge, pictured above), carrot cake cupcakes, 5 types of cookies (chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, ginger, peanut butter, & gluten free chocolate chip), & cinnamon rolls. These things get made daily. In addition to our staples we have randomly rotating goodies. Everything from strawberry pies to ham & cheese croissants, lemon bars to cardamom date scones, apple pull aparts (a yeasted dough rolled in cinnamon sugar & tossed w/ grated apple) to savory galettes. Our bakery has become as much of a focus as our coffee. It is steadily expanding.
Want to Place & Order
Had something to eat w/ your last coffee that you would like to have for a party? An event? Swing by or call. We'll do our best to accommodate you. The only thing we ask is you give us at least 48 hours to get your stuff ready. Think ahead & our bakers can surely make you a special batch of your favorite avellino pastry.
Wouldn't our baked goods look good in your business? Sure we'll do it.
The Best Gluten Free Baked Goods in Town
That's​ what people say. We bake two different batches of goodies every day, first thing in the morning. True, these goods were processed in a plant that also processes wheat, but that's why we bake them first thing. All of our tools & work surfaces are clean when we start. The flour mix we use contains garbanzo flour, potato starch, tapioca flour, sorghum flour, & fava bean flour. We use a smidge of zantham gum to replace the glue-like properties that gluten proteins provide for baking. So take advantage of your food allergy & come on down to our downtown shop as early as 6am (weekdays) for a delicious, house crafted, hot specialty treat
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